How To Get Backlinks From Web 2.0 That Rank Your Site [Ultimate Guide]

A question like “how can you use web 2.0 sites to get backlinks?” brings another obvious question to mind: why are we still talking about “backlinks” in 2015?

While it’s true that the popular SEO tool isn’t as powerful or as dynamic as it once was, there is still value in discussing, utilizing, and embracing backlinking for SEO purposes.

Rank With LinksOnce upon a time, backlinking was the single most obvious and powerful variable in establishing a page’s SEO ranking, as the number and quality of sites that linked to your pages were directly responsible for establishing the authority and visibility of almost anything you published on the internet.

And while that’s not as much the case as it once was, the old truism stands that backlinking matters a lot in the SEO world.

So if backlinking still matters, we have to return to our original question: how can you use web 2.0 sites to generate backlinks?

Is utilizing web 2.0 blogging to create and maintain backlinks for your money sites and niche revenue builders even worth it in the long run?

Does backlinking from web 2.0 sites really work?

Web 2 Dont WorkMost of ‘So-Called SEO Gurus’ will answer negative. So far in several of my experiments, Web 2.0 backlinks worked (and very recently, it’s working) really great for me. I built even $2K+ making site relying mainly on Web 2.0 links. (Yes, you heard right, $2K+ site with Web 2.0 links, no PBN, no Thousand dollar OUTREACH/Guest Post)

Want to see proof?

Here is the screenshot shows how much one of sites made in last 29 days (2 more days left, and hope the site to make another $200 this month)

Amazon Niche Site Earning Statement

I have to admit, I also built some other type of backlinks to the site, but Web 2.0 is the main source of all

If you still have confusion, and get down to the heart of why backlinking from web 2.0 sites can be a great idea, we have to start at the beginning, and tackle all of this web 2.0 and backlinking business form the root.


What’s Web 2.0 Actually?

Starting at the beginning, we have to answer the question of what Web 2.0 is, and what its relevance is to building links and ranking your sites.

Web 2.0’ refers to any website which is designed to be interactive through primarily user generated, and stands in contradiction to old school Web 1.0 pages that presented information for browser consumption but didn’t allow for extensive user input or content creation.

YouTube is a classic generation of a Web 2.0 site: instead of just playing a library of videos, YouTube allows users to contribute their own video creations to an ever growing and connected user generated library. [You can also list Facebook, Twitter or on the list!]

In short, Web 2.0 refers to any site that is based primarily around user generated content.

How To Get Web 2.0 Backlink_2

What’s Web 2.0 For Backlinking?

In the context of link building, we use ‘Web 2.0’ as short hand to refer to Web 2.0 blogging sites, where users can publish contents on their own blogs (mainly in a Sub-domain)

WordPress is a great example, with being a Web 2.0 hosting site and each individual WordPress blog being a piece of user generated content. Tumblr and Blogger are two other relevant examples.

All of these platforms allow you to publish your own content, where you can link to your money site.

Web 2.0 blogs are very powerful in generating unique backlinks, and boost your search engine ranking as most of the web 2.0 site’s domain have huge authority and weight. is a DA 97, Tumblr has DA 98 out of 100!

Why Backlink from Web 2.0 a Good Idea?

The beauty of Web 2.0 is that users are allowed and encouraged to publish content for absolutely no fee. When you utilize a Web 2.0 blogging site like Tumblr or WordPress, you can start up a blog in a couple of minutes and there is no outreach required.

You Control Your Links

Backlinking from Web 2.0 blogs is smart because you will own the backlinks you create, and have complete control over the domains that provide them in perpetuity.

When you receive backlinks for your niche sites from sites you don’t own, frustrations can arise if you ever need those backlinks to be changed or modified [eg: Complete backlink removal or modifying anchor text. Felix removed his Google penalty this way.]

Google metrics can always evolve and affect the ways that backlinks are valued, and you may want to change your link building strategy at some point in the future.

If you don’t own the control of a backlink, you will have to contact outside administrators and get other people involved if you ever need your links modified, and that process can always be a troublesome. But with Web 2.0 blogs, you are in control of all of that, and will have absolute autonomy over how your backlinks work.

You Can Get As Many Links You Want

Getting links from Web 2.0 blogs is an way that is only limited by the time that you are able to invest. Every backlink your money site receives will add a small boost of visibility, and you can create as many Web 2.0 blog sites as you want, as there are hundreds of web 2.0 sites available.

Web 2.0 backlinks are free, you own them, and you can build as many as you want.

List of My Recommended Web 2.0 Sites

[sociallocker id=”386″]



Building Web 2.0 Backlinks – Considerations

When you are creating a blog specifically for the purpose of backlinking to your money sites, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind, and a few goals you will want to orient yourself towards in order to make the whole process worth your time.

For starters, you have to realize that the blogs you make will have to look real, and that you will have to put some time into creating a quality Web 2.0 blog if you expect the links you’ll eventually place to your niche site to be powerful backlinks.

Making Realistic Looking Web 2.0 Blogs

From Google’s perspective, creating Web 2.0 blogs specifically for backlinking purposes might seem like a bit of an abuse of the whole backlinking system, so search engine metrics will do what they can to assure that you can’t get away with faking your Web 2.0 blogging content.

What that means, your new blog has to be look “realistic,” or like an authentic page that wasn’t built for the sole purpose of placing a backlink to your money site.

Use Standard Theme [Blog Style Theme Preferred]

Your blog should look “realistic” by being completely filled out. When you start a new WordPress blog for example, make sure to use a standard theme, create mandatory pages like About, Contact and Privacy Policy (more details below). You can show a face to make the site more authentic.

Publish Only Original Contents

You should publish original content on your blog over the course of a 1-3 week period, to establish your new Web 2.0 blog as an authoritative site in Google’s eyes rather than a “spam” site created just for backlinking.

To do this, make sure that you post at-least 3 posts, and more if possible, that are high quality original content BEFORE you post anything that links to your money site.

I hire writer from iWriter to write all of my Web 2.0 properties. Also, there are so many ways you can get your contents done.

If you are on tight budget, you can get some CONTENTS FOR FREE using my special technique.

Link To Authority Sites, Not Only Your Niche Site

You need link to other authorities in your first few posts, but make sure to link to neutral authorities like news web sites and not to competitor’s money sites. I mainly link to related Wikipedia topic page, topic page, top news site’s related new links and high quality DIY blogs.

Don’t Forget Multimedia and Proper Formatting

Incorporate media [Photo, Animation GIF] into your content. Run your blog like you are creating a genuine, interest based site, at least for the first few weeks that it’s running. That’s the best way to assure it looks “realistic” in Google’s eyes.

I try to add at least 1 related high quality images, or sometime embed 1 YouTube video. I always try to make the number random, don’t follow the same style (1 photo or 1 video) in all of the post on a single Web 2.0 rather try to make a variation to make it even natural.

Placing Backlinks Naturally

Once you have established your site by making it look ‘realistic’, you can start gently incorporating some powerful backlinks to your money site in future posts.

After your initial 1/2 posts or so over the course of at least a week that don’t mention or link to your money site, create one or two additional posts that each have one or two links to your money site.

From there, create a balance, being sure to post one to two neutral posts that reference other authorities and NOT your money site for every one to two posts that backlink directly to the site you want your backlinks for.

It’s really as easy as that.

In short, publish around 5 contents and get backlink from 2/3 of the posts.

Use Separate Emails For Web 2.0

Google is evil, they track you everywhere. As creating own backlink is not something that Google support, they will make you down whenever they find you are building backlinks for your own site.

It’s a good idea to create new emails for each Web 2.0 blog (project) you start, just to keep everything separate from your primary money site. [Just keep the email used in Web 2.0 sites from the money site. Don’t just MIX]

I repeat: DON’T use the same email address to create your Web 2.0 sites that were used to verify your Google Analytics and Webmaster account. Don’t even use the money site email address as recovery email whenever you create a new email address for Web 2.0.

I never do.

Save Login Details In An Excel File

Keep everything organized as far as login info goes, so you can access your Web 2.0 blogs in the future to modify links as needed.

You might need to publish contents on near future to build more deep links to your inner pages, and Web 2.0 backlinks are really powerful for deep page link building.

Ensure All The On-Page Settings

We ensure all the on page settings for money site post, as your ranking depends almost 70% on On-Page SEO. Why shouldn’t we follow the same for Web 2.0 as we want them to look like ‘real authentic site’?

On-Page SEO Web 2

In short, here is my On-Page SEO checklist for Web 2.0 posts.

  • Use keyword in title
  • Use keyword in permalink
  • Use keyword in first paragraph
  • Maintain a 0.3% to 1% keyword density in content
  • Use keyword as image alt tag
  • Link to high quality related link links [at least 1 outbound link]
  • Social button/share if the option is available
  • Strong internal linking within the posts

Create Mandatory Pages

Mandatory Pages for Web 2These pages are mandatory for every website, as least we maintain for our money sites. I make sure these pages to be created for Web 2.0 sites as well.


Just a short ‘About’ page describing who you are, the purpose of the website and how are you trying to help your audience. Don’t use the same name for all of the web 2.0 sites.

You can use your different Pen names, or you can generate some random names and location information from


Don’t just leave your email address in a naked format. Use a contact form, and make sure it’s functional. Most of the web 2.0 sites has contact form builder by default in the system.

Privacy Policy

You can use to generate a unique privacy policy for your sites.

Don’t use the same privacy policy for all of the site as it shows Google that all the Web 2.0 sites are created by the same person and giving backlink to a particular website.

What Will Be Your Web 2.0 Site Address?

While planning for Web 2.0 backlinks for site, one of the main questions comes in mind that what will be my web 2.0 site address?

The answer is, any name related to your niche.

I use NameTumbler to generate domain name ideas. To get your web 2.0 names now, visit, and put your niche / product name on the search box. Select what type of name you want to generate from ‘Combine Keyword With’ box and press check domain button

You will get hundreds of domain name ideas, and you need to select 15-20 brandable names from the list.

Name Generator

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=”Important Note”]As we want to keep the websites random, we shouldn’t select all the names that contain Road Bike. I make a variation with related niche, upper niche [eg – for Road Bike; Upper niche should be Outdoor Recreation] and sometimes, down niche [eg –GPS, Tyre] [/thrive_text_block] is the best source to find out upper, related and down niche

Amazon Niche Finder

Say we need to create 15 web 2.0 sites for site a site about Road Bike. And I will go for the following names.

  • Road Bike Adventurous
  • Attractive Road Bike
  • Road Bike Broad
  • Road Bike Chief
  • Road Bike Crazy
  • Road Bike Curious
  • Road Bike Fantastic
  • Sportsable
  • Sports Adventurous
  • Wonderful Sports
  • Sports Thirsty
  • Outdoor Enthusiastic
  • Outdoor Fierce
  • Outdoor Friendly
  • Outdoor AutoRace

I generated these names using Namtumbler.

You can also use the following suffix or prefix with your niche and check if the names are available with your selected web 2.0 sites.



  • Guide
  • Journal
  • Magazine
  • Pro
  • 101
  • Adventure
  • Hub
  • Lab
  • Club
  • Planet
  • Express
  • Diary
  • Guru
  • House
  • Home
  • Garden
  • Web




  • My
  • Quick
  • Your
  • Best
  • Guide To
  • The
  • Top
  • Super
  • Ultra
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly


Make Sure The Links Are Indexed

There is no benefit if the links are not indexed.

Most of my recommended Web 2.0 sites get indexed automatically, however, check the links one or two week later after creating the sites. If you find the links are yet to be indexed, PING them or Use Premium link indexing service like Linkicious to get them forcefully indexed. There also so many similar services available to make indexing easy.

You can also build some second tier/third tier backlinks to your Web 2.0 properties to drive more authority, and ultimately getting more benefits in SERP.

Wrap Up – Steps To Get Your Web 2.0 Sites Done

  1. Finalize the list of sites where you want to create Web 2.0
  2. Generate a list of random names related to your niche/ products following the method mentioned above
  3. Sign-Up and create account with available names from your pre-built list of sites
  4. Setup Blogging / Good looking theme on the sites
  5. Create Mandatory Pages (and Publish small contents on the pages. Don’t just keep them blank)
  6. Content Planning (According to your domain name)
  7. Write the contents / Outsource the contents
  8. Setup a content calendar for each web 2.0 sites
  9. Publish contents according to the schedule
  10. Check all the post, strong the internal linking structure and now give link to your money site
  11. Ping them and wait 2 week
  12. Check if the links are indexed (and take special initiative to index non-indexed links)

Your Turn

A LOT of work, right? Yes, creating Web 2.0 sites and getting high quality backlinks take time (and worth the effort).

How do you effectively use Web 2.0 sites for your niche site project? What you do to increase even more authority to these sites? Please feel free to share leaving comment below.

Also if you have any question, let me know and I will get back to you with answers.

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