The best online casinos - what parts are they made of? How to identify safe online casinos? How to find the best casino for yourself among the abundance of online casinos? There are different tastes when it comes to casinos, but there is definitely more than one suitable online casino for everyone. Security and reliability are the foundations of online gaming. In addition, many other things affect the gameplay.

Paying at an online casino with a mobile phone bill is finally possible for the Swiss. We have found three casinos where you can easily use your mobile phone to make an online casino deposit via SMS. You can easily pay with your mobile bill from your mobile phone or by sending a text message to the online casino. Of course, this payment option already exists, it s just not so common in online casinos via SMS. One has only to think about in-app purchases from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Here, this payment method works great and you can buy as much as you want with your "phone number". Payment via smartphone on the Internet and in regular stores is already possible. However, not through the "mobile phone bill" payment option.

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