How to Hire Freelance Content Writers for Niche Websites

How do you hire freelancer content writers for your niche website? This is one of the most asked questions to me. Because I do work with niche websites, and outsource the contents from freelance writers. I have used several content writer hiring platforms last couple of years. And this article is all about my experience and guideline for you to hire quality content writers for your upcoming project!

Identify the Sources

There are hundreds of websites out there filled with people who can write pieces as you would like them to. For starters, you may look into the platforms:

These few websites are places where you can find quality freelance content writers. Now there are thousands of them out there. You need to segregate the best from the rest.

Post the Requirements

Now the second thing you need to do is to post the requirement of your job. A nice little website description that you need the author for will work great guns. Describe the job very closely. Don’t leave any of the details out. It will be good for yourself to be specific about what you want. You don’t want a quality writer applying for the position and find information to be unorganized or inappropriate, do you? Be specific about what type of person you want for your job. If you want an author with experience, go ahead and mention it. Even if the requirements don’t match, you can always find a close enough person for the job and train him better.

Sample of Job Posting to Freelance Market Place:

Here is a sample job posting I published on oDesk a couple of days ago to hire a writer for one of my niche site projects.

How to Hire a Freelance Content Writer

You can get the job posting content here.

How Do you Find The Amazing Writer?

This is easy really. Well, if you follow the steps correctly. If you are particular with the choosing criteria of your candidate and want only the best for the job, you should hire the ones with the most experience. They are usually the best in their sectors and know what they are doing. However, to determine further, just follow the steps below.

Look for someone with experience: Experience beats all won’t you agree? Well, it is true. It does beat everything. You should go with the most experienced author out of several applicants for your niche website. There are others with little or no experience as well. I am not ruling them out. Frankly, they are good too. They might be new to the world of freelance writers or to the website you posted the job in. In that situation, check the resumes for the right candidate. Then you have the option for contacting them directly.

Checking out the Past Articles is a Great Idea: There are smart authors who’ll submit their resumes with samples (if they don’t ask for, I do it). You can select the ideal one who matches the most with your requirements and is familiar with your style of a website from them. Read one or two lines from their past work and you will know whom to choose.

The next thing is contacting the Author: Now when you have shortlisted your panel of authors to choose from, you will need to select the ideal one. The process is easy. You need to contact the authors one by one through any communication method you prefer. Then ask them few questions that you have selected. The question will help you in knowing them better. Start with greeting and experience related questions. Slowly move into the job-related ones. Be on your toes to judge whether they are fit enough for the job. Judge if they are responsive or not. If they are slow in getting your point, they are no good. An author, who responds late, is not good for your job either. Be warned, one who knocks you constantly, can be a red zone to move into as well.

Give the Selected Candidate Detailed Info: You need to be very specific from top to bottom in your selection process. That involves the aftermath of the selection as well. Give your selected man/men detailed instructions about how to go about in your niche website. Is it a product you want reviewed? Do you want them to focus on positive sides or do you want them to be “As it is” to their approach? Make sure you make the facts clear before you move on.

Decide how many Dollars to Pay

The next thing to decide is what to pay for your ideal person. Believe me, you will have to be on your guard as far as the payment method and amounts are concerned. The easiest way to go about things is to pay based on the length of the article that the person has written. If you want a 1000 word article and pay your man with a pen $5, it will honestly be a low price. On the other hand, $70 will be too much. I pay an average 4 to 9 dollar for a 500 to 700 word article.

By following these specified steps you will find outsourcing your content-related works easier. You will not need to go through all the hustle. Just hire the best person you see fit for your niche website. Select a few from the lot of applicants, shortlist them, ask them few follow-up questions, select your best man with all the qualities you desire, decide what to pay him, and you are good to go

Build a better relationship with the amazing authors

This is a must follow rules. Not all the freelance writers are great writers! Whenever you find a great writer to work for you, build a long-term relationship and try to hire the writer for your future projects as well. This well saves you hours of time just to let the writers know about your requirement, writing patter and things related to your project.

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