What Is a High Quality Backlink in Google’s Eye?

High Quality Backlinks

Want more visitors to your website? Despite what you may read in some places about social media now outperforming search engines as the number one referral of visitors to sites, there is still a tremendous value for niche site owners in perfected Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After all, for niche site builders, we solely depend on SEO! Whether … Read more

Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for Amazon Niche Site

Keyword Research For Niche Site

The most important part of launching a niche site is keyword research. If you don’t do it properly, your site will inevitably fail. Many niche site projects fail because of some simple keyword research mistakes. It is a FACT! However, if you follow this keyword research guide step by step, your chances of success with … Read more

How To Get Backlinks To Your Niche Site From Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the Internet’s # 7 popular website. The name these days has turned into a verb: just like how the early 2000s spawned the term “go Google it,” web users from all walks of life now eagerly “Wikipedia” search terms to get information fast about a huge array of topics. So it’s common sense … Read more