How To Write Great Blog Comments For Traffic and SEO Ranking

Whenever you notice a great topic on a certain blog, you sure want to thank the person who wrote it because it proves useful to you. A little word of thanks takes the person to a new height of encouragement, and we can easily do that leaving comments on their blog.

It is a great way of socializing and building up relationships. You never know when the person you thanked mails you in return and expresses his gratitude (and builds relationship in the long run).

get more blog comments

Did you know that Blog Commenting can also be used to generate quality traffic to your site?

Can It help you building quality backlinks that Google cares and ranks your site?

The answer is, yes!

Does Blog Commenting Work for Ranking?

Well, some people say that blog commenting doesn’t work anymore! Believe me, either they are lying, or they are saying it blindly without even trying. You can check this article to know more about the importance of Blog commenting to rank your site.

You can also check the top-ranked website for mid competitive keywords, analyze the backlink profile using OpenSiteExplorer or Ahrefs. I’m pretty sure you will see a lot of backlinks generated from blog comments. And these sites are in the top!

You Can Also Generate Huge Traffic!

Commenting on Blogs can also be a great source of traffic for your own blog. If you comment on a blog which is related to your own topic, there is a high chance that visitors will check out your blog as well besides reading the one you are commenting on.

Comment for Brand Building – Link Acquisition

Blog commentSometimes the comment you leave on an interesting blog might pique the interests of others. There are instances when a simple comment turns into a discussion topic for people (Check Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome and Spencer’s NichePursuits as an example!).

It helps building your personal brand on the niche you are working as well as creates a long term link acquisition opportunity (Check out this guideline – how to use blog comments for guest posting)

Things to Keep in Mind For Great Blog Comment

We should take up blog commenting as a part of our regime to drive traffic and to improve our Search Engine Positions keeping these small milestones in mind. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind while doing blog comments for your own benefit.

Let us go over the do’s and the don’ts of blog commenting in the later section of the post.

Use your Real Identity and Name

There are some bloggers who don’t think too much about whether you are a real person or a brand trying to make its way through. But, using your real identity while appreciating others’ work or promoting your own brand or doing both at the same time is vital.

You will be surprised to see how much people value a real person. Using a real identity can be the fact separating you from being a spammer and a respected member of the discussion group. Even if you are someone new to a particular place, people will trust and rely on you more if you use your real name and other credentials.

Using Your Keywords or any other term instead of your real name not only will ruin your reputation but also the efforts will be waste of time as webmasters generally reject such comments.

Learn About The Site You Are Commenting

Let me think that you are in a community where you have never been before. The experience is totally new for you, and you bump into a post that matches your interest in the website.

What would you do?

Would you leap into “Doing your Thing” and commenting straight away?

That would not be the best course of action on this occasion. I advise you to read the previous posts made by the author in the same website. The more you read, the closer you get to the author’s psyche.

You will understand the interests, the ways of thinking and the writing style of the author that will prompt you into commenting on his post in an impactful way.

Study the Comments that People Make

Well, this is another basic of a good blog commenter. An Expert Blog Commenter will read the popular posts of a blog with good comments. If you are new at a certain community, it is a must for you. By reading other people’s comments, you will get to know their tone, their interests and above all, how they present themselves in the community. You can just replica other people’s comment adding something unique and using your own tone!

Always Add Some Value

The topic you have selected to comment on is appealing, no doubt. You have knowledge on the field you are commenting on, great! You have read about the author and the topic, even better!

It has been quite some time for you in this community, Perfect! However, there is still something you need to check. That is, “Has your point already been made?” It is no use bringing up the same issue that one has already brought up. So, pay close attention to that.

The only way to know for sure if your point has already been made by someone is to go through all the comments beneath a certain blog post.

Lengthier than Tweet, Shorter than Blog

Generally, blog commenter fixes their own length of comments. But ideal length is between a long tweet (which is 140 characters) and a short blog post (generally 200 – 300 words). The length should be enough to make a substantial point about the post which improves its quality.

You may express your own opinion and drop a reference link. If you feel the topic need further elaboration, you are welcome to write about it in your own blog.

Who knows?

The author of the blog you are commenting on might edit his post and include your bit of the information along with your blog as a reference link! At any case, refrain from simply dropping links randomly.

Avoid Generic Comments

Always Add Value to Blog Comments

Thinking of writing “Oh! What a great post this is and I am glad I found your post on the topic that I was looking for?” Drop the idea. Writing such a sentence would pose you as a spammer in the eyes of the community members. Even if you are not a spammer, you will be treated as one. It will do you a world of good if you can contribute to the post in an actual manner rather than posting some general messages like the one I’ve shown you.

Get Involved in Conversations

When participating in other people’s discussions through comments, nothing beats the strategy of being a good listener. Trust me when I say, “If you listen to people, they’ll listen to you.” Be interactive. Discuss the issue with others through comments. Take their points into consideration and make your Point Clear to them.

Avoid Excessive Links

If You Decide to Link Your Own Post Into the Comment, Make Sure you Do It only Once! You read it right. If you are commenting on an important issue, you can support your argument or point via reference links as I earlier mentioned. People go for one, two or even three links inside their comments. But it is best for them to have actually one link in the comment section. That link can be any website you are using as reference even your own.

Promote The Post You Commented On

This is another great strategy to get your comment noticed. You found a post interesting and commented on it. So why not promote the post publicly through your social media accounts? This way, more people will know about your post and the comment you made on it.

You can also tag the original blog authors on the social media post; you will surely get some natural link from the site next time!

Last Words…

It has been fun talking to you guys through the post. Feel free to include your suggestions, would love to discuss more about them.

Al-Amin Kabir

26-year-old, entrepreneur, marketing geek and an occasional traveler. Working with a goal of making 5 figure per month passive income as an Amazon Affiliate

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scott masse

I would agree that blog commenting is not dead! I have noticed a ton of traffic to my blog from commenting. We look at our referrals and look at the bounce rates and time on site as an indication of an audience that is interested in our content!


Thkans for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

Al-Amin Hossain

Vaia its really great , we had some confusion about building Backling by blog commenting 🙁 but now its all are clear and specailly thats for that paragraph

” Get Involved in Conversations ” its a surprising idea !!!



Thanks for the post. I am confused to start blog commenting. That’s right track for me start.


I was just over on Neil Patel’s blog (Which is how I found yours) and he said that blog commenting will not increase your search ranking. He said they are generally no follow links. Is that not the case? You have found blog commenting increases your search rankings? Or did I just misunderstand?

    Sam Romain

    Blog Commenting can raise your search engine rankings if done properly. You don’t want to go after blogs that are not relevant to your target site. Also, you want to provide some kind of real value to the comments section. IF you just comment and say “Thanks (Link)” often times you’ll find that the comment doesn’t get approved and you just wasted your time… That being said, I wouldn’t rely on blog commenting to be your only SEO strategy as it plays a VERY minor part of the total effectiveness in a campaign it can definitely help diversify your links as well as your anchor text.

    Best of luck!

Tiyo Kamtiyono

Hi, Assalamu’alaikum, greeting from Indonesia. The great part about blog commenting is that it help us get to know each other, and support each other too.

Just one to add one more point, that is mentioning the writer name, it will add a kind of personality and show that you just don’t care about the content, but also the writer. Right, Al-Amin Karim?


Great Post..

I have read that leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs can drive traffic to your blog, but i never tried it. You have written everything in detail, It is very informational.

Thanks for sharing..

Jasa Pembasmi Hama

what LSI is used also for SEO ???? Thank You.

Minhaj From Chittagong

Thanks for your sharing this blog.Many important subject explain this blog.Before today i wrote comment just thanks but at this time i wont do this.I didnt know comment is a important issue for ganarate public.Your topic is most effective for me.I am trying to my best to follow your instraction about comment.Thanks again.

Shaun Wright

That is a really good post. I’ve got loads of traffic in the past from some informative comments that I posted so this method definitely works. Good stuff Al-Amin!

    Al-Amin Kabir

    Thanks, Shaun 🙂

      Lowen Aglaya

      I really appreciate your post about blog comments, I have ranked my site through this and got some high traffic from it. However, I have to keep in mind that this blog comments can also be a risk in seo. So I created questions below and hope you can help me with an answer.

      Do you have any routine on how many blog comments should I do every month to make my site on top?

      How do I include my website on comments? using my keyword or by just using my name as anchor text?

      Do I need to use my personal ip for each comment i make?

      Thanks in advance.

Savas Papadopoulos

Hi Al-Amin

that’s a great overview!
I can confirm to your readers as well blog commenting not only works, it works great! And it even works as the only source of backlinks, too, provided there is plenty of content on the website. Probably these days the dwell time is just as important as backlinks

April Cook

I didn’t know that commenting on blogs could help your ranking. I really like your tip that comments should add value instead of just commenting to get your link out there. I think asking questions is a great way to start a conversation and add to the discussion. Can you add a backlink to replies that you make on comments? Thanks for all this great information!

Ashley Jones

I realised late that it is always good to leave a mark. This helps to acknowledge the author for his hardwork and is also good for building backlinks and relations with like minded people.
I read most of the posts on your blog. My blog belonging to a similar category helps me a lot. Love them.


Hello Kabir,
you were right about links, i have got many backlinks and Tf for my website by commenting. Your post was very useful. thanks to share.

Neeraj Kant Rathore

i have many backlinks and traffic for my websites by cammenting …..

Kimsea Sok

You know? When I first came online with my blog, I understand that commenting give me backlinks. I love blog commenting, but I did the mistake along the way I commented other’s blog. Many bloggers marked me as spam and I didn’t any of my comment live on the post.

I learnt related to blog comment after several month with blogging, and then it become my favorite strategy for marketing the business. Comment is a great to interact with other people in area of business, and help you to build relationship with both readers and other bloggers.

Think… whatever the business you’re currently doing, whether it’s online or offline, the relationship is always benefited your business.

Oh. By the way, I love what you mentioned about using real and avatar image. You know? I didn’t approve none avatar or keyword people on my blog post.

Another important you mentioned is involve conversation. Yeah. This is a super super awesome idea to build relationship.

Thanks for sharing some kind of brilliant post.

Mark Del Rosario

Hi Al-Amin. I’ve been trying to be more active and comment on more blogs but I hadn’t thought about my approach until you brought it up. So it’s quite possible that you just saved my life. haha Really really helpful stuff thank you!

Md Sagar Ali

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Thanks for the wonderful post Al-Amin Kabir.


Great Post…

Pretty informnative….Nicely Laid out.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

It will be really helpful to newbie for sure.

James E. Blackburn

Actually, I had a confusion about this matter. But recently I have read some blogs on this topic. You are saying to add some extra value to the comment. I have seen a lot of comment like this. People are writing comment around 200-300 words. It is a hilarious matter to me. 1oo to 120 words seem to be ok to me. I know you are the most successful online marketer from the Bangladesh. I want an answer from you. The question is- how Nofollow links can help in ranking?

Bryn van Nuissenburg Rotterdam

I’m noticing that blog commenting can be pretty helpful in creating relevancy and building up authority for an inner page or website. I really like the layout of your website by the way, reminds me of Neil Patel. Way to go!

Frank Geraci

Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and detailed information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material. Great read!.

Joy | The Success Manual

I agree with Bryn’s comment about Kabir’s site becoming like Quicksprout. I also agree, blog commenting can also be a useful tool in personal branding. This is also covered in The Success Manual.


Thanks for sharing this great post Al-Amin. I do agree with your post that blog commenting will also increase your website traffic and i have tried and witnessed it. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

Joe Allen

Hey Al,

Great post about blog commenting! Hope you are well on your way to your goals with your affiliate stuff!

Top Work!


Great post. Thanks for sharing.
I have a doubt. Will it be possible to add the focus keyword in the meta description while it may contain only about 160 characters? Will it necessary to add such one? will be waiting for your reply.
Thanks in advance.
Once again thanks for sharing this informative article.

Oliver Cartea

Another good point about blog commenting is finding the right relevans. Google likes relevant and you should be reading and interacting with people relevant to your niche.

I’ve seen people commenting on football blogs and their links going to a clean service company…

Anyway, thank you for sharing this article with us, much appreciated!


Thanks for the post. I stopped using blog commenting for ranking purposes a year ago since I didnt notice much difference in ranking. DO you think it will be effective only if the content is relevant to the site?

Mark Paljusevic

I literally just started doing blog commenting to help with my seo. It’s funny that I came across your post, as it’s very informative and taught me a lot. Shows that when you take the time to do something, it can be very rewarding! Keep up the great work, and I wish you all the best.

Sergios Charalambous

Blog commenting still works for sure. I have been doing SEO for years. I studied the google updates all the time and I guarantee you guys that blog comments work 🙂 Great article btw!

Lanseo Khazaki

Great advice, a lot of people are still stuck in the 2010’s methods of SEO/Marketing. This article is definitely up to date on which methods are working best right now. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

Steven from Portland

It all comes down to proving value for the reader. Blog commenting absolutely isn’t dead. Even from an SEO standpoint, traffic is now a HUGE ranking factor in Google.

P.S. Very sneaky on the last one =P I gave your article a tweet!

Linden S

Like other’s have said here, blog commenting still works – just not in the way that people think. Blog comments don’t give a site power typically, they give it relevance to a topic. Power will have to be built with other strategies like guest blogging.

Matthew from Pleasanton

Blog commenting is dead? Forget that, blog commenting is arguably one of the best way to get quality, relevant links! It’s still a go-to in my toolbox and I believe it always will be since I still rank very well on sites of mine. Thanks Al-Amin for the post.

Daniel Pereira

You know what, I live in Brisbane and SEO consultants that i talk to say that they don’t even use blog commenting to rank a website which tells me that they are either very new in the game or they are very amateur like SEO’s anyway appreciate the article and totally agree that blog commenting is very powerful and still one of my favourite ways to get links.


Blog commenting is really popular for building links but others have abused them by posting irrelevant comments. Sometimes, your relevant comments are being filtered as spam by Akismet spam filter for no reason.Yes, blog comments are not dead! I am still doing blog comment in quality websites that have huge traffic.Commenting is very essential because it helps you boost your seo campaign, a great way to grow your network.


Blog commenting although it is an older tactic is still an extremely important component of search engine optimization / ranking through link creation. I personally like to build links in this way as I find it to have other benefits outside of just link building for ranking. It allows me to stay in-tune with industry topics by forcing me to read multiple blogs monthly. It also allows me to read different perspectives on topics that impact how I manage my business and how I construct unique SEO campaigns.

Abrar @ AP Web Solutions - Geelong

I also want to add that it is not just the sheer number of comments that you put on the Internet that are going to rank you. They may contribute, but that depends more on the quality of the blogs you comment AND on the relevance between that blog and your website. If they are not relevant at all to each other, no number of blog comments are going to help you with SEO.
So the spammy techniques from years ago just does not work any more and even if it does in some cases, it will stop in a few years, so best to be prepared for it now.
I think the best way to go is just mix them in, but definitely don’t make them your primary tactic or strategy.

Amit Kumar

As we know that blog commenting is an older trick to get traffic to a site or website or for any product but now a days it gets more response than before in seo tactic and all processes to get traffic .

Jens Lundgren

Great points. Everywhere I hear people saying that blog commenting is a thing of the past, it doesn’t work, blahblah… It’s either because they never tried or they are doing it wrong. While it’s true that blog comment spamming doesn’t help your SEO, commenting on relevant topics in a moderate scale can definitely help you a lot.



Earlier I am confused in blog commenting but after reading this post i can understand blog commenting. And now I know the value of blog commenting.
Thanks for sharing this article.


Hello there,

I believe On page SEO is more important than anything else, and good that you are suggesting to gain links naturally instead of pointing to a mass link builder (that most of the “about blogging” bloggers are doing).



Blog commenting is one of the best methods to build up good quality links to your site, as long as you’re aware of what you’re doing. There are several factors you have to take into consideration before you link back on a blog. It’s of course good to know if the site is being penalized and if it’s relevant to what you’re trying to rank for. Great stuff!


I would agree that blog commenting is not dead! I have noticed a ton of traffic to my blog from commenting.What would be your subjection for more efficient results ?


    I am also agree with you. It is a perfect idea i think that. Thank you.


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pluses and minuses for all of the above you listed, but all still play their part in SEO. Competitor link analysis is so important along with citations and blog comments though, we all need to step our game on these. Great article though!


Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to a new or old website. In fact, an effective blog commenting strategy will make sure your backlink graph remains constant or go up with time. Not only so, a comment also adds lots of value. Sometimes the comment section of a blog can be way more interesting than the entire article itself. In fact, it seems as if sometimes the best information is found within a post’s blog comments. Which is why I hate seeing blogs that haven’t optimized their blog comment sections for SEO.


The article rings true, and this is a case in point…

Most blog comments are poorly thought out and indeed most are spam in order to try and get a backlink from a reputable / authority domain.

if you take the time to seek out blogs worth commenting on that are relevant to your niche / market and you can add value to that post, then take the time to write something worthwhile.

One quick tip for anyone looking to do blog commenting:

Look at the URL of the post, we all know Google is a machine that does not think – it reads!

So with that in mind, if I wanted to get some link juice (i hate that term but…) and I owned and SEO agency I would ideally want to get a link from https://marketever.com/write-great-blog-comments-traffic-seo-ranking/ as opposed to just this https://marketever.com

Why – well link one is about SEO link two means nothing in relation to SEO!

Think about whah you want and spend the time if you plan on blog commenting!!!


I have read recently that longer posts do better (~1500 words) do you still think that 200-400 words are enough?

Mike Wiseman

Good Read, I agree that blog commenting can be good for ranking and traffic. I do not think it is the highest quality of back link for your website but it can help. Reading quality articles can be interesting, you might learn a thing or two at the same time.

Lue Hang

Blog commenting is still a great way to leverage traffic and get valuable backlinks. I use it to from time to time to provide an interest for my Charlotte SEO service page at http://www.innovationmind.net/charlotte-seo. I don’t understand why people keep saying blog commenting is obsolete when it’s still quite effective. Let the rest of us take advantage of this method. Thanks Al-Amin, this is a valuable share.

Richard Harding

Blog commenting has always been a useful SEO tool. Given the frequent Google updates, is it safe to say that it would still be effective in 2017?


Thanks for the great tips. There are so many information out there about blog commenting information that I always did not whether it is useful or not. After reading your post I will definitely try blog commenting.

Tyler Zen

Great article! Been searching for this information quite a while and you exactly described my issue there. Been applying it on my website http://skyrocketcity.com/seo-rotterdam and it works great! Cheers

New India Solution

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Anees Prizmatic

Someone told me blog comment is not a good practice of link building and I’m confused about it, how can I build link?. Finally, I search online and start reading your post, it is wonderful. Now I start doing blog comment by following your tips.


I factually just started doing blog commenting to aid with my seo. It’s humorous that I came cross-ways your post, as it’s very educational and educated me a lot. I think is important to conclude that Blog comments don’t give a site power naturally; they give it relevance to a topic. Which should help down the road raking your site for relevance keywords you are targeting. http://viewpointseo.com/oklahoma-city-seo/ I would agree that blog commenting is not passed! I have noticed many of my customers sites have dramatically improve in rankings compare to do the I don’t do any blog commenting.


I didn’t realize blog commenting can be such a powerful way of getting traffic and good backlinks. It can be a time-consuming task, and the reward seems worth it from reading this article. I’m going to incorporate this into my business, and I’ll post back letting everyone know how successful it has been for my SEO strategy. I guess the key thing to do is to comment on relevant websites because the links are no-follow from comments. Many thanks for the great article.

grant mcarthur

Thanks for all the tips mentioned in this article! it’s always good to read things you have heard before and are implementing, but from a different perspective, always pick up some extra bits of information!

Stella Claire

Someone told me blog comment is not a good practice of link building and I’m confused about it, how can I build link?. Finally i started to read your blog and with the help of these i got good resuls. Althogh it’s time taking work but beneficial. Thanks for sharing.

Ben McDavid

The key thing to remember is that it is one tool of many. Even if some may argue that the no-follow links do absolutely nothing for you as links, if you put enough thought and effort into contributing, the links can still drive natural traffic.

Chavdar - Superb Systems SEO

Blog commenting is a part of the process of search engine optimization and can not be ignored however the game has changed and you should use it wisely. Quality and relevance are the most important factors you should consider when using blog comments. And you should not spam but rather use it naturally by adding value to the conversation. Here is an example of using relevancy: http://superbsys.com/burnaby-seo

Parminder Singh

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Internet marketing

Sri Dhivya

Is Blog Comment will support all kind of websites?

Paul Tufts

No doubt from testing multiple sites that the updates to the google algoritm increase the power of a relevent blog comment when it comes to rankings. A few years ago these were consitered junk links but that has all changed again. Google may say “no follow” links don’t mean much but they really do.


Excellent work,they completed the projects on time without any delay.
homes in trichur

Sunny khan

it is very impotence for search engine optimization.blog comment is big thing for increase your website rank,so i am very delightful to get this post and besides very favorable to you that share with us.


Thank you for this post!! I had stopped blog commenting as I kept hearing that it wouldn’t help with rankings, but I did notice a decrease in traffic. Blog comments never created a giant increase for me personally, but if I am already reading a post, I am beginning to write more comments again. However, I am not going out of my way to do so. Thanks again for sharing this with us.

Chris Wyatt SEO

Great article

In terms of SEO, when you pick and choose good quality blogs to comment on, they can provide some extremely powerful backlinks to your site.

Not only that but of course the traffic that it can provide if it’s niche-specific.


Hi Kabir,
I thought, getting chance of blog commenting link from various blog is reducing day by day. But I read your whole article two times. I have inspired to read your article. The chance is not finish yet. It depends on relevancy and adding values of the comment. It’s really great article. Thanks for Sharing.

Viva Traffic

So true on blog comments bringing in traffic, we have had people reach out to us from a simple blog comment response answering their question.


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Really helpful tips for search engine ranking. I got good result following your creative tips applying for my blog site. I appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.


I enjoyed the Article, very informative.

Great Work Al-Amin!

Abhinav Adithya

Hi Kabir,

Great Post about Blog Commenting. Thanks for sharing this post. I have learned many new things about Blog Commenting.



It was great to stumble upon an article about Blog Commenting that puts this action into its proper perspective. I have read a few articles which place blog commenting in the Black Hat arena which is not correct at all. In fact, as this article states, not only is blog commenting a natural and acceptable practice it is one which has multiple benefits. Yes it can help to build links thus building power but it can also gain you industry credibility.

Chris Kleingeld

What a great article. A LOT of information.
Thank you, Al-Amin!

LilLoco SEO

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you can just place an ad on a university platform and get a freelancer for around 10 bucks an hour.
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Kindest regards


Hey Al-Amin,

“Great post!” 😀

Seriously though… This post is very thorough and could be used to instruct a newbie on blog commenting. I am a big believer in being genuine when you comment on a blog. You have to know what it’s about! Don’t be the knuckle head that throws up 3 words and thinks they deserve a link! SEO is full of spammers… take pride in what you do!


This is pretty nice, easy to follow. You’ve outlined most of the basic fact Bloggers should keep in mind, so as to excel with their blogging career. Thanks so much for sharing.


Hi Kabir!
Loved your article. This is what I call a 360 degree view of blog commenting. Your article will go a long way in helping those who are looking out for blog commenting.


Thanks for this post. Very helpful


This is very good article which is very useful.thanks a lot


Hi Kabir,

This post is very informative, it gives tips to start writing blogs.


Hi Kabir

Thanks for the tips this will help us with our SEO progress and help our customers.


Hey Kabir

I agree with you that blog comments can serve as good backlinks, especially when they are relevant to the site they link back to.

Like all things, it should be done naturally and moderately.

I would imagine that only using blog comments as part of a linkbuilding strategy could be dangerous.

Thanks for a great post.

Determined Solutions SEO

Wow! Thanks for the article Al-Amin. By looking at the comments, it looks like people took your advice. There are a ton of comments on this blog post!

I agree that blog commenting on relevant blog is still a good SEO tactic. It is not the only thing that you should do, but it’s a good tool to have in the tool shed.

I would be interested, though, to learn if anyone has ever ranked a site, just on blog comments? Probably not.

Anyway, good article.


I agree. It all goes back to the communal purpose of the internet and search engines…do share and deliver high-quality content. If you’re just going to load up software and spam generic comments across hundreds of blogs on the internet, not only are you cluttering up “cyberspace” but you’re potentially endangering your own rankings. It’s OBVIOUS when someone didn’t take the time to read an article or just decided to post a generic comment for the link…in any case, thank you Kabir for the great post.


I agree – blog commenting is alive and well. The Internet is a communal effort to share and expand on ideas and knowledge. Blog comments do ADD value and lend credibility to an author (if they are genuine and authentic), hence you’d think there would be SEO value to Google as they are indicative of the intellectual property held by the commenting site. In any case, thanks for the article Kabir!


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In terms of varying your anchor text and getting relevant backlinks blog commenting can be great. It’s not good for much else. If you spend a little more time and research and write a well written blog comment you may get a few clicks through to your page, but is it worth it?

Johnny Chen

Al-Amin, well written article. Thanks for all the information.

Johnny Chen

Al-Almin, thanks for writing such a wealth of information article.

Todd Daugherty

Traffic and relevance is IMO what you gain with proper blog commenting. Great article that reassures what I have know for a long time

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SEO Hero

It was great to stumble upon an article about Blog Commenting that puts this action into its proper perspective. I have read a few articles which place blog commenting in the Black Hat arena which is not correct at all. In fact, as this article states, not only is blog commenting a natural and acceptable practice it is one which has multiple benefits. Yes it can help to build links thus building power but it can also gain you industry credibility.

Kairi Gainsborough

I like your point about posting on social media accounts when commenting on interesting blog posts. It seems like anyone who’s trying to become more visible on place like Google would need to have SEO work done. I love seeing interesting links on my social media feeds, so I would happily follow them to check out the blog post. I can see how this could really help a company’s SEO.

Ben McDavid

Thanks for the sharing this. It’s a shame that others may not see the value in taking the time to comment and participate in their industry. Reading and commenting on blogs is always a helpful method of getting ideas on the current issues.

Ravi S

thanks for sharing information


Eye opening post! Many people have trouble to successfully comment cause they don’t even bother to read the article sometimes! In my opinion, blog commenting is a great way to learn new things and interact with others that are interested in the same niche as you! If you plan to do so, you need to know doing it the right way as Al-Amin describes in this post!

Ravi Sah

Nice Post, i am collecting information about SEO now days and i find some great info from this post Thank You!!


I totally agree that blog commenting is not dead.
However, I would offer that relevant blog commenting is what you should be looking for rather than a simple blog comment. Relevancy to your niche will help you in the long run.
Great article and looking forward to reading you again.
Keep up the good work!


Great read! Its good to see that some tactics that are deemed “old” still remain fundamental to ranking and traffic generation. Thanks for the article and providing quality information.

Rehnu Anirudhan

Thank you very much for writing this article. This is probably the best by far. Easy to understand and educate myself on blof commenting.

Richard G wassink

After read this articles i must say that it’s a nice one about blog commenting. Blog commenting maybe a old system for backlinks but now i think it works. Pleasure to read this. Thanks!

Steven Clark

Based on my own testing, the SEO value for using your “main keyword” in the name field of comment posting is limited. It doesn’t work as well as it once did! We do know now that traffic can be one ranking factor, so posting an insightful comment might help boost traffic to your site!


Most SEOs nowadays are still using blog comment just to increase their website’s traffic even without bringing something new or valuable with their comment. Leaving a comment in one blog is a great way also build relationship to other experts as well.

Great article btw. Thanks!

Nick Pelly

Thanks for writing this Al-Amin it has opened my eyes to more possibilities to get more links back to my site. I knew not to write a quick thanks and then leave but I did not think too much about writing my own blog. I am not a very good writer but it is something that I will have to work on for the future.
Thanks again

Crazy Tom

Thank you for your submit. My partner and i ceased making use of website commenting regarding rating functions this past year since i didnt observe significantly variation inside rating. You think it’ll be successful as long as the information is applicable for the web site?

Vijaygopal Balasa

I have to use keyword or my name is Name field to get backlinks for my blog? Please reply as soon as possible..!!


Many have been saying that blog comments no more work after all those algorithmic updates by Google. But I have found relevant blog comments still helpful in ranking my client website.

Debabrata Mallick

I am exploring every possibilities to start an online affiliate marketing, I landed here, and my knowledge base improved a lot, Thank you, bhalo theko

Neeraj Jha

I am beginner in SEO and trying to boost my knowledge through SEO Blog site. I am happy to say that “Your post is relay helpful for me”. It’s remove my confusion from blog comment.

Tanya Dlabaj

Blog commenting is still a great way to diversify your links. Commenting on blogs that are inline with your niche or service is even better. Thank you for taking the time to write this post!

Todd Daugherty

Relevant blog comments will always work. In general, I feel what you consider is good for your business is good for SEO. So if you contribute to your industry with relevant opinion, it creates goodwill and even helps you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.


Thanks! Does Blog Commenting is still effective on 2017?

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Los comentarios en base al SEO son de gran utilidad en teoría junto a los rankings lograras tener un progreso excepcional en base a los buscadores

Pradipta Panda

Blog commenting is a good way to make a back link as per SEO purpose. so it’s good for SEO and webmaster.
Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of information.

good luck for the next …………

Sanjib Saha

Blog comments are a great way to get traffic to our sites. It does not only help in ranking the content on Google but using blog comments, once can build email subscribers in no time. Indeed, it has great benefits.


Thank you for this post. Funnily enough, I came across this one while blog commenting and it seems to have multiplied my knowledge to a large extent. Now I know how to better my skills to aid in ranking my posts online.

Nathan Payne

Let’s be honest here. Relevant blog comments will have an effect on SEO but single handily will NOT get your good results.

So… Yes keep doing them but make sure your full SEO campaign has enough power behind it for the blog comments to be used as supplementary links.

If I am completely honest I don’t really think SEO when I leave comments with a link back to my site. I am usually looking to get traffic to my blog or a client’s website.

Good post nonetheless.

Nick P - Santa Barbara SEO

This is a great article and I keep coming beck to it to refresh my mind on what to do. Thanks for the post

Victor Tampa

Its crazy that people think blog posting is dead when it can be very powerful. Great article and thanks for giving us a lot more info than just the basics. Always good to start a engaging conversation.

Adrienne - Hagia Sofia Consulting

I listened to all that you had to say in this post and believe me, I read the entire post as you recommended! 🙂 Blog commenting is definitely not dead, as I have been finding great success with it. My “problem” is that I land on too many interesting blog posts and end up exploring many, many blogs a day! (It is also a good thing, as I have been doing a LOT of interesting reading and meeting some very cool people.)

Arthur Wilson


An amazing post indeed. This could help many SEO beginners and I am also one among them who benefitted. As being a newbie to the SEO strategies, I always wanted to know the tricks to get the decent comment backlinks. This post helped me in achieving my goal. Thanks for sharing.

Joseph Mulcahy

As someone who personally does SEO as a full time job, this article was extremely informative and is definitely going to 10X my results in 2017.

I always appreciate it when others go out of their way to provide value before anything else. It means a lot and you know the marketer is someone you want to work with.

Again, thank you marketever for this fantastic read.

Derrick Tulali - Acute SEO

Commenting is a great element in the SEO process, especially if the what one is commenting about is relevant to the industry they are serving. Although most commenting are no-follow back-links, it is very good for back-linking profile. I really appreciate this author being direct about what most already know about the benefits, but even allowing us to comment on this blog is a great way to practice what is preached. Thank you!

Subash Sarkar

blog commenting is a one of the easiest method to get a backlink to our site but at a same time we have to follow few strategies while commenting in a blog.
1.find a blog that related to our niche 2.dont keep your keyword as a name most of the blogger see it as a spam 3.make sure that your comment not self promot your self 4.mostly choose a blogs that allow do-follow link

Saiful Islam

Thank you Al-Amin bhai for this great article!

Sarah Jones


Thanks for your great info. Blog commenting is the great way to gain more traffic to any website and also increase back link for the website.

Sarah Jones

Cavakia Therlonge

Hey Kabir, glad I decided to read your blog because you remind me of number 1. Neil Patel by interacting with your fellow commenters and number 2, thanks for reminding me that blog commenting is not dead. It’s one of favorite link building strategy since it’s faster than article marketing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L35kf_Po_jU

Cosmin Dediu

Blog commenting still works in 2017. Ofc that there are rumors that this SEO technique is dead because in the past people used to do it with automatic software…this technique is dead!
You also need to pay attention to the relevance of the article that you are commenting. Even if you don’t provide too much value you will still get a niche relevant backlink. BUT if you actually invest some time into it, people will actually follow your website and even interact with it.


That’s one of the things I do like about SEO is coming across some actually interesting blogs that I can come back to periodically and catch up on.


To be honest I’m a new blogger this is first time for me to own blog by my self ,
The thing is I don’t know how to make the admin approve my comment because They afraid spam comment , Please share this !
Thanks for sharing useful article and helpful after read your article make me have any ideas with blog comment !


Hi Al-Amin,
to be honest, I have never commented with the purpose of driving traffic, but to let the author know that I read and enjoyed reading the article. I think readers are also having a look at the comments to find few extra info or case scenarios.
So if you see someone with a good comment you want to know more about them clicking on their website.
I agree with you that commenting just for the sake of driving traffic doesn’t bring you anywhere, actually, you can get opposite result (= spammer).
Keep it up!

Steve Graham

I am curious if you think there is a related link juice value to pushing a blog comment to a site that has multiple links?


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