[Announcing] Public Niche Site Case Study

I get a lot of messages asking my niche site URL(s). People want to see my niche sites and experience the process how I’m making money from them.

Sadly, I can’t share the link(s)!

The internet is full of copycats and haters. I fear some might copy my niche site, or even can do negative SEO to get my niche site down.

I know:

Not all of them have bad intention in mind. Most people ask to catch a glimpse of my niche site to get the idea of how it looks, works, and makes money.

I do want to help them while not risking my business.

Eventually, I came up with a solution!

I have decided to build up a niche site from scratch, publicly! Along with it, I’ll update a series of case studies on a regular basis. I’ll elaborate every step I took to convert an idea into a money making niche site.

My readers will observe the process live!

Everything regarding the website will be done and shared online so that they can learn first hand.

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What Is Public Niche Site?

People following public niche site

Public niche site is building a niche website sharing everything starting from how the site is planned, researched and strategies implemented.

This is a step by step tutorial that reveals everything about a particular niche site and what strategies are working and what’s not.

I got inspiration for my public niche site case studies following these:

Pat Flynn started public niche site case study with Niche Site Duel. It’s super successful, and Pat is making $3000/per month from the site passively.

Spencer Haws did one of the first public niche site case study online, but the site got hit by negative SEO attack. He had to shut it down.

My friend Tung Tran has a successful public niche site case study, he built a site that made $93 in first 38 days and made $12,000+ from a single site in 12 months. Recently, he started another case study online with a goal of making $10,000/per month. You can follow this case study update here.

Neil Patel is running a public case study with a goal of making $1,00,000 from single site per month (Not from Amazon, in fact he didn’t even decide how he will monetise the blog yet.)

Why I’m Doing This?

I have been building Amazon niche site for almost 3 years now.

I started working as an Amazon affiliate after seeing Spencer’s success with his public niche site. His project updates, step by step guideline and strategies helped me a lot for my personal Amazon niche site journey.

Since started, I made thousands of dollars from Amazon.

I’m the biggest proof that public niche site case studies work.

It helps:

It inspires people to start with their own.

This is the time to help more people, inspire them to get started with success affiliate marketing journey.

Another reason I’m doing this is, people need to see live project being run.

Internet is flooded with income reports and case studies telling how much they are making. One thing they forget (rather keep private) is showing how exactly they are making the money.

So I wanted to show my strategies of making money online, with Amazon Affiliate.

Despite of having challenges and negative SEO attack risk, I’m doing this public niche site case study to help YOU, fellow marketever readers.

So What’s The Goal?

Goal of this public niche site is simple.

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I want make at least $500/Per month passively within next 6 months, and sell it for at least $10,000 after a more couple of months.

I’m challenging myself with this project, so the aim is to make the figure as large as possible.


How Will I go About it?

I will follow my personal 12 steps blueprint to make this public niche site successful. These are:

Public Niche Site Case Study

I will try to outsource most of the tasks, this will require a budget. My plan is to keep the budget below $1000. 

Traffic Source

Traffic Source

For a niche site, the traffic source matters. It matters more in case of Public Niche Sites as people will follow the steps I take. Keeping that in mind, I’m planning to generate the revenue with search engine traffic.


I will experiment with some other type of traffic and will write the case studies for Marketever readers.

I’m planning to do the following Traffic Generation experiments for this project.

  • YouTube Video Traffic
  • Pinterest Traffic
  • Reddit Traffic (Along with StumbleUpon and some other high traffic bookmarking sites)
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Google Plus Marketing

I will do all the experiments and will let you know what’s working and what’s not (with exact figure, Traffic, Time and Budget Spent).

Risk of Negative SEO Attack

However, there is one glitch. Most of the public niche sites get attacked with negative SEO. I fear I might face the same too.

I will try my best to recover from the attack and keep this case study running.

But what will happen if I can’t?


I haven’t figured it out yet, I will take a timely decision if the moment arrives.

What’s Your Plan?

So I’m starting the public niche site case study from this week. I will be starting to work right after the post goes live.

So what’s your plan?

Are you with me, and want to build a niche site? Please let me know if you need any help along the way.

Let the public niche site case study begin!

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37 thoughts on “[Announcing] Public Niche Site Case Study”

  1. Hello,
    I am following your strategy. Just created my first niche blog by following your methods. I hope my niche site will be ranked soon. Just I am running one month only. Now I am more curious about this public niche site. Want to create an amazon niche site by following this article. So please continue it regular. Thanks.

  2. Alamin vai, I just mailed you in your devsteam.com account. Please do reply the mail and I am eagerly waiting to work with you.


  3. Hi,
    Some days ago i registered a domain and after couple of days i saw that domain was registered before couple of years ago. And after some days o saw automatically previous BACKLINKS start working and detect my site.

    I saw the background about the domain in archive.org and it was also about same niche i have chosen.

    I don’t know is there anything BLACK SEO or anything else. But my intention is good and working for that.

    What i should do now for the site ? How i can go with if there were any black seo or something else which is not good for my site ?

    Hope you will answer. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Squat,

      You should have checked the history before registering the domain. What you can do now is checking the backlink quality. If you think those are high quality backlinks, you can go with the domain without any fear.

      But if the domain has a lot of low quality backlinks and previously penalised, it’s better to transfer your site to a new domain.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to reach me at hello at marketever.com if you need further help.

  4. I was waiting for this Al-Amin bro. I am going to start working from this week for a small niche site as test purpose. Best of luck 🙂

  5. I have already selected a keyword & domain also ordered some articles. Hope your strategy will help me. Best of luck for your target. One question: $500 target within how many Day’s?

  6. Hi Al-Amin,

    Finally the journey started. With a view to avoiding attack from negative SEO, it would be the best not to share the url at this moment. Share the url after three months or so when the site is ranked on the first page of Google and started earning.

    Initially share only the niche (for instance: sports and outdoor), search volume of the selected keyword, KC of the keyword, status of the competing sites on first page of Google etc. And the weekly updates would focus on what you’ve done in the past week. So it will help followers to follow the exact process and minimize the risk of negative SEO victim.

    Best wishes 🙂

    • Hi Raihan,

      Thanks for the comment

      The primary goal of public niche site is making everything public, so that everyone can learn, from a live project.

      Yes, negative SEO attack can happen, and I will try my best to recover (another case study for marketever readers may be? ha ha) 🙂

      I’m not worried much about negative SEO now, btw 🙂

      • Yes you are right. Because we need to know that if you face negative SEO, how will we recover that. 🙂

  7. Hello Al-Amin Kabir,

    I have been waiting to start my own niche site following your public case study. So, the news on starting your journey brought me wonderful feelings. I have already bought Long Tail Platinum. And hope to finalise my golden keyword within this week.

    Although, I will try to do most of the necessary jobs myself, I have adequate budget for the rest (content writing, themes etc.). This is my full-time job and I’m taking this challenge keeping in mind the power of YOU.

    Wishing you happy journey with flying colors.

    Best regards…

      • Sorry, due to an unavoidable reason, I could not follow your link while purchasing LTP. Rather, I had to take assistance from Taher Chowdhury Sumon vai. I know, you won’t mind at all, but the matter was irritating my mind a little bit. So, I just shared with you.


  8. this is very much inspiring , i also going to start a seasonal product base niche site within few days , with a little budget (all contents are PLR) . It’s a great opporchunitiy for me to work with you and follow and learn from mentor like you . Best of Luck 🙂

  9. many many thanks for this Public Niche Site project. I try to build a niche site so it’s very helpful for me. can you please tell some words about Negative SEO Attack.

  10. Hey I’ve just come across your site and it’s shaping up to be a great site to visit.

    I also love case studies so I will be checking in on your progress and you go, keep up the great work with the blog!

    – Lewis

  11. Hello Al-amin,
    This will indeed be a very interesting case study and I’m sure many people will learn from it.

    I wouldn’t also advice you to expose your niche sites link because I’m sure you already know what will happen next.

    Wishing you success on the experiment.

  12. Hellow Kabir,
    This would be a great help for a newbie like me. I have learnt about marketever from one of my friends. There are nail hitting striaght forward guidelines. Thanks for such initiatives.

  13. Couple of our ago I have found this website through Khalid Farhan (instructor of udemy).I can’t believe myself this type of quality full website stands in our country.Neat-handed content & striaght forward guidelines.For this initiatives Thanks.

  14. Hi,

    When I sign up for the case study and click on the submit button, I get an error cant submit. I have tried a different email but it does not work.. How to go about it now.

    Arif Ahmed

  15. Dear Kabir,
    thanks a lot young legend, this is really a fruitful article.
    reverting to u very soon to lunch my niche site, hope we will get you beside of us.

    thanks again

  16. For any Field to become a meet success we Need Experience this is what i personally trust and i follow !! And to get Hands on Experience is One side and Reading a Case study is another thing which will not only give u a exposure but lets us know about the mistakes and hurdoles of the fellow bloggers do KABIR i personally wish all the very best and SUCCESS and achieve what u love

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