About Al-Amin Kabir

Al-Amin Kabir MarketeverHi, my name is Al-Amin Kabir; a 25-year-old, entrepreneur, marketing geek and an occasional traveler.

I’m not a HACKER, and I haven’t found any security whole on the Internet that let me become a millionaire overnight.

However, what I found is the way to live from the Internet, making enough money online to lead a comfortable life!

I have an Internet Marketing company based out of Asia, having a team of almost 20 people. I also own a software distribution company in my country. I’m also involved in some other local and international businesses.

I have been with Internet Marketing for more than five years now; started working when I was in college. I worked for several dozen companies to increase their profit by implementing my marketing knowledge.

Not only for my clients, I’m working hard to make money by implementing my knowledge in my personal projects as well. As I mentioned earlier, I’m working hard (Yes, hard), cause I have not found any BIG loop hole on the Internet to make myself millionaire. However, I make a smart amount online that enables me to lead a comfortable life here in my beautiful country, Bangladesh.

I’m not yet! 😉

I’m not a proud owner of any Ferrari or Porsche car, and the Internet didn’t make me able to buy one yet. However, I’m able to manage my luxurious life from it, and I believe it’s possible to become proud Ferrari or Porsche owner one day 😉

I’m now working towards making a 5 figure passive income per month, and documenting my journey on this website.

I’m on the way of reaching my goal, and I will continue sharing my step by step work details here on this blog how I’m trying to reach my goal and, what’s working and what’s not.

The Goal of Marketever

There are hundreds of website dedicated to cover niche website building and business resources (Like SmartPassiveIncome, NichePursuits, AuthorityWebsiteIncome and EmpireFlippers), I have to confess, I’m inspired by them. I do implement guidelines they provide, along with some of my secret sauces!

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I have created this website to share what I’m doing to promote my site, and plan to reveal what’s working and what’s not!

Marketever.com is to share all of my updates, goal, working strategies and lot more. I promise to share everything, from my content development strategy, marketing strategy and everything!

Some highlights about me!

I’m Social 🙂

I’m active on Social Media Sites; Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Thanks for checking out my story, I appreciate it! If you have anything more to say or have any query, just drop me a mail at alamin at devsteam.com. I reply every single email I receive, so don’t hesitate to mail, and don’t be a stranger!!

Al-Amin Kabir
Founder, Marketever