SiteGround Reviews – Honest Review with Uptime & Performance Data!

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SiteGround grew a lot over the last 10 years since their humble beginning in 2004. They're now one of the few recommended hosts, along with BlueHost, Flywheel Hosting. I use SiteGround for a lot of my websites because of the their performance/price ratio and support. Also, as I need to host mostly WordPress-powered websites, SiteGround's WordPress specific features features come in very handy.

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The SiteGround review

In this SiteGround review, I'll cover a few different aspects of their shared hosting plans. It'll help you decide if SiteGround is right for you.

Host: SiteGround

Type: Shared Hosting





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According to ByteCheck, my website hosted on SiteGround takes just under 200ms to respond, and loads up fully within 400ms (usually between 300-350ms) according to Pingdom. That's a regular page load time (not super impressive though) for a site hosted on a shared hosting server. You can test the page loading time of your own website using Pingdom, to get a better idea of how good or bad that speed is, compared to your current web host.

It wasn't an one-time thing either, as I've consistently experienced such great load times for sites hosted on SiteGround. Even with caching turned completely off, the site was still loading in under 500ms, which is great for a moderately-heavy WordPress site. This shouldn't be surprising, though, given how many WordPress specific features they offer that usually no other shared host does.

SiteGround themselves have made a small video showing how they go beyond the standard industry practices to improve their server performance:


SiteGround boasts a 99.99% uptime guaranty, and that's exactly what this site experienced. While the site was not up 100% (there was just one instance of downtime lasting a few minutes), 99.99% actual uptime (not promised uptime) is unheard of in the shared hosting segment.

Technically, getting an uptime of even 100% is possible with SiteGround, just like it's possible while using your own (expensive) dedicated server. But, you shouldn't expect a 100% uptime because it's a possibility, not a guarantee.

Still, in my experience with more than a dozen shared hosts, I never consistently experienced this kind of uptime with any others. This is not just my experience, Rohit Palit from Techtage mentioned the same.


SiteGround's support is truly beginner-friendly. They help you with all sorts of things, and offer concise, to-the-point solutions to you just when you need them the most.

Apart from traditional ticket-based support, they also offer 24x7 live-chat and phone support (which is industry standard). So, in urgent cases, you won't have to wait at all to get in touch with them immediately.

It doesn't matter if your question is about their own service or your CMS, as they literally reply to each and every question with detailed, helpful answers. This is one of the reasons why I regard them as one of the best hosts for beginners, especially.

They're also one of the few (if not the only) shared host to put up the personal profiles of all members of their support team. This adds an assuring feel to a user's mind.

They also offer managed WordPress hosting. All of their shared hosting plans include dedicated support for WordPress sites.

It offers a ton of WordPress specific features ranging from one-click WordPress auto-installation, auto-upgradation of plugins, site transfer, WP-CLI, Staging, etc. 

Pricing, Plans & Current Offers

SiteGround offers 3 different shared hosting plans:

The Startup plan is great for beginners who have only one websites to host. The GrowBig plan is what most people use, because it offers the ultimate balance between features and price. The GoGeek plan is strictly reserved for geeks who really need all those extra features that a normal user won't need. All of these plans come with one free domain, when you have the right coupon.

SiteGround homepage lists all the features of these 3 plans, and also the differences between them, in details. In short:

​Startup: $3.95/mo - Recommended for people with a single site.
GrowBig: $7.95/mo - Recommended for people with multiple sites.
GoGeek: $14.95/mo - Recommended for people needing advanced features.

Note: To get special discount on our recommended hosting, you need a special link  offering the discount. If you're looking for a discount link, here's a very good one:

Final Verdict

​SiteGround distinguishes itself from hundreds of other shared hosts with industry-leading features at affordable prices. While it might not be the cheapest option out there, it certainly is one of the best in the business when it comes to quality.

There are many other shared hosts you can think about. But with SiteGround’s managed WordPress hosting service and their aim to provide you with more than any other web hosting provider, you can't really go wrong with SiteGround.

Keeping in mind the discounts being offered currently, SiteGround is actually competing with far inferior hosts even on the price aspect. If you were thinking about purchasing SiteGround hosting, now is a great time to do so by visiting and buying a plan at a discounted rate.

Pros & Cons of SiteGround: This Review in a Nutshell


  • Fast performance (Not impressive though)
  • Regular uptime.
  • Friendly, efficient and responsive live chat & ticket-based support.
  • Free domain, SSL, and script auto-installer.
  • Pro-active server monitoring for vulnerabilities and performance. 
  • SuperCacher, Account Isolation and Google PageSpeed module.
  • 4 different data center locations.


  • Basic plan allows you to host only one domain.
  • Though better quality-wise, mid and high tier plans are still costlier than the competition.

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SiteGround is one of the fastest-growing independent shared hosts in the world (most prominent names in the shared hosting space have been acquired by bigger companies like Endurance International Group). Though they're based in Bulgaria, they serve customers from across the world.

SiteGround offers different web hosting solutions including shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. In addition, SiteGround can also be seen actively participating in various events organized by WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and internet marketing communities.

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Extra Information

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61 thoughts on “SiteGround Reviews – Honest Review with Uptime & Performance Data!”

  1. Finally, another post after the long break.

    Would you advise purchasing a 6 month hosting plan for a niche site. I’m a newbie and I wanna start my Amazon niche site this holiday. All I can afford is below 30 dollar- very much regarding our currency exchange rate here.

  2. HI

    Just to tell, Siteground have a really bad support, and I feel like this is really a thing to notice !

    I have a client who have chosen siteground to host their site, and strange things is happen from time to time, which I haven’t seen before at other hosting companies.

    When we are contacting the live support, I have to write our problem first, which can take a long time to clear out, and then they answer it very shortly and we are 8 out of 10 times “disconnected” after that answer. Leaving us still unclear of what to do.

    We have used hours and hours of trying to get support, and the best way is to open a support ticket, which will then be answered by up to 6 different “supporters”.

    So the conclusion from my side is that, I will never recommend siteground to anybody because of the bad service. They might be good on something, But I feel that I have to sort everything out myself.

  3. This is the first time I have come to your blog and I must say that you have shaped it pretty well. Btw, I never heard such positive reviews about SiteGround. Have you used their services or this is just your personal opinion?

    • Hi Rinkesh,

      Thanks for your comment. I have reviewed SiteGround after using for a long period of time. All the metrics, and support details written above, is from my personal experience.

      Please let me know if you have any more question.

  4. It is really thorough researched article about SiteGround. I like the fact that you were able to find actual uptime and page load time details.

  5. What a great review! I am sure you might have dedicated several hours to prepare this GIANT review on SiteGround. After reading your review I consider to do business with them. But unfortunately I signed up for 3 years with another share hosting service, recommended by Dom, the HPD guy. One short question, do you write this short of content yourself or hire writer? please mention. Thanks.

  6. Good review. I think it’s a bit pricey for a beginner. For me I buy reseller hosting for my sites and sell the excess capacity.

  7. Hello,

    From last 8 months, I have been using SiteGround to host my big coupon sites as well as my amazon micro niche sites and i have been very much impressed with their service.

    Specially their support, as they have very good staff with good technical knowledge.

    A few months ago, I got some technical issues with my WordPress website, so iI had to contact SiteGround Support staff for the help and within few hours of opening a support ticket, my problem was solved.

    So, after 8 months, I can say, SiteGround is one of the best when it comes to Reliable Web Hosting. I also written a review on my website to tell more people about this hosting company so that they can leave all those ugly hosting companies and migrate to SiteGround for better service.

    And I must say, you have written your points very clearly in this review. Great Work Done.

    Julie Schrier

  8. Hi:

    I want to change hosting and email provider. I am using now Globat, but have a lot of problems with the email service. Some emails take hours to arrive and some never does.

    Can you please tell me is SiteGround emails service is reliable and fast? I don´t want to go through all the trouble changing providers and end up with the same problem. Or if there is a more reliable email provider?

    I would appreciate a lot feedback from an expert like you.

    Regards from Costa Rica,

    Emilia Bermejo

  9. I used their service for one of my old project for a Magento store and still running. The best thing i found about them is “Prompt Customer Support”. Their support is super fast there is no complain about it.

  10. For uptime I would give them a 8, they have recently raised their prices on the larger packages, I would give them a 6 on price. For the security of their servers I would give them a 10. I wrote review about siteground for an Italian site also. Great hosting!

  11. Server is down from past 10 hours.

    Siteground is worlds worst hosting provider, they provider shared hosting and claim that they are best but the fact is that they are one of the worst in terms of support and server uptime,

    I lost my business reputation beacuase of siteground in 10 hours i lost revenue.

    Please do not become a victim of fraud by siteground,

    If you are unable to provide service please refund my amount and let me know. So, i can take backup and move to a different hosting provider as i don’t need this kind of service.

    Account ID: 877825
    Check results:
    Recommended DNS servers:,
    Domain DNS servers:,
    Domain DNS (NS) check:,
    Limitations: OK
    Recommended DNS (A): Unable to resolve recommended DNS (A) record with WHM
    Check site by IP (whmaccount): Could not obtain account IP address
    Domain DNS (A):
    Domain DNS (A) Record check: Please set your DNS (A) record
    Accessing account by server IP address: Could not open site (response code: 0)

    • Hello Imraan,
      The issue with your site is caused by a network failure at one of our upstream network providers. As our technical team informed you via our HelpDesk, this issue is outside of our network and thus out of our control. We are working closely with the upstream provider who is capable to resolve it. We completely understand the inconvenience this is causing and we also believe that such a network issue is not acceptable. Once resolved we will add compensation to your account. I would also like to assure you that our system administrators are making everything within our reach to fix the issue as fast as possible. Please monitor the notice in your user’s area. It will be updated by our system administrators with more details.

      • I trusted siteground again for 2nd time & reopened my account by paying and surprisingly this time again there server got down for several hours. Frankly speaking they are worst hosting provider on this planet (I can’t find any other hosting planet as per NASA). You see below test result of there system, infact there own system says that server/website is down. But they never accept the same. You can see screenshot here >

        Check results:
        Accessing account by server IP address: Could not open site (response code: 404)
        Recommended DNS servers:,
        Recommended DNS (A):
        Domain DNS (A):
        Domain DNS (A) Record check:
        Domain DNS servers:,
        Domain DNS (NS) check:,
        Limitations: OK
        Check site by IP (whmaccount): Could not open site (response code: 404)
        Domain expiration for 2018-04-03

  12. I had read a lot of wonderful things about Siteground. So I went in with pretty high expectations, especially moving away from Host Gator.

    It turned into one of the most disappointing experiences with support I’ve ever dealt with. Over a period of 5 days I dealt with numerous different techs all working on migrating my two simple WordPress websites. After a couple of days the migration was “complete” and on their end it appeared to look fine. However, that’s apparently the only place it appeared to be working.

    Even in following their instructions to view the website in staging I was unable to verify that it was actually successfully migrated. There were site wide CSS and image issues. I confirmed the issue on multiple PCs and several browsers. The problem persisted across the board.

    Even so, tech after tech assured me that it was simply my fault for not clearing cache / resetting DNS.

    After a period of 5 days I finally gave up, as I simply needed to move on to a host company that could actually deliver.

    The cancellation process was equally as frustrating. It took 30 minutes to cancel, as they force you to speak with a chat rep before they will let you cancel.

    The cherry on the cake of this experience was they flat out refused to refund any portion of my payment. I paid $229 for a dedicated server, another $99 for the setup, and another $30 for an extra migration. $0 was refunded.

    Their policy that they simply don’t refund dedicated server payments is simply mind boggling. Especially in a case where I never was able to actually use the dedicated server and neither WordPress sites were successfully migrated.

    Perhaps the most disappointing and frustrating host experience of my entire career.

    • Hello Imraan,
      There was a planned maintenance of your server, as announced in your Customer Area. The maintenance has lasted no more than 30 minutes, but it was required in order to prevent a more serious crash incident, downtime and loss of data in the future. From our records we see that you have received full cooperation by our team via chat and the help desk system. They have explained in detail the reasons for the maintenance and as per your request processed a refund.

      • I know you guys have plenty of excuses. I am still waiting for my refund this is really terrible situation.

        • Imraan,

          Please be advised your refund has been issued upon your cancellation request. As we have already informed you via the help desk system there is technical processing time of 10 business days by the banks before the money is returned to your account. Please follow your bank statements and in case you have further questions on the status of the refund you can contact our team via chat and phone.

    • Hello Anon, we are sorry to hear about this case. We were able to identify your account and reviewed the issue in detail. We want to clarify that the whole period we worked on the issue is not 5 days, please keep in mind that the initial 2 days were technical time for setting up your dedicated server and transferring the two websites you wanted to host with us. Upon the completion of the manual transfer of the second site, we have asked you to verify results on your end and you reported a problem with loading CSS on some pages. Indeed it took a longer time to resolve the problem as our team had difficulty reproducing the problem you were seeing on your end. We suggested different ways to resolve the problem and unfortunately at all times it seemed the issue is still present for you, even though for us it was not visible. As eventually discovered with the help of our server admins, there was a security rule that caused some resources not to load fully. Please note that such security rules are very important for keeping the sites of our customers safe. They are usually triggered by real events, but in some rare cases there are false positives and we try to find and fix them whenever such occur. The rule execution resulted in an error that we caught and after it was modified accordingly by our admins the issue should be fixed. We are sorry that you decided to cancel before checking on your end the results from the latest actions of the Support team.
      Although dedicated servers are non-refundable (as these services are prepaid by us on a monthly basis to our server provider and also require special setup), we have made it possible to refund the amount prepaid by you. Our team will be glad to help with any further questions you may have.

  13. one of the worst server in my life i have seen is site ground. they are too commercial not providing good service.. if any problem occur they are asking the money extra


    So migrating from hostgator to siteground was one of the biggest business mistakes i made.A couple of days after migration ,i started having server issues.they actually shot my site down wthout notifiying and they said i went over my traffic limit,So i upgraded.I Keft having sever issues on the daily and whenever i contact them ,all they tell me is to upgrade my accout.I kept on upgrading even to one of the best servers they had and after several promises of not having anymore problems with new server,i was still having loads of server issues
    Siteground has affected my business immesly as i get customers from google .Google had to pull my website out of searches both on mobile and on desktop due to the high amount of errors on my site
    i had about 16000 server errors .So this has affected my business alot and i moved my site bk to hostgator for a very cheaper price,not a single server is so fast iits amazing.Now am waiting for google to reindex all my links and start showing my website but for now,im dealing with the consequences of migrating to siteground

    • We’re sorry to hear you were not satisfied with our services and you have moved your website. We are not able to identify your account, yet we will be glad to review your tickets/chats regarding the server issue thoroughly and investigate further. We will appreciate it if you send us the details about your account: domain, ticket IDs, etc. to reviews at siteground dot com, and we’ll ensure it is forwarded to our Support team managers.

  15. Great post Al-Amin. I follow your blog and I should say I’m impressed with quality of some posts. I looked at siteground and it seems a good solution at a fair price. It includes a lot of additional features that are all included. Thanks for the recommendation, will give it a try.

  16. I was confuse earlier if i should try siteground for my next website. Some of the point of siteground seem promising and had quality so i go for siteground. Thank you for sharing!

  17. This is an informative post review. I am so pleased to get this post article and nice information. I was looking forward to getting such a post which is very helpful to us.Thanks for sharing. As per Our Experience Siteground Is best Web hosting. Fast, safe and excellent technical support.


  18. SiteGround is really a best hosting service. Their overall performance is good and they rock in their customer support which Many web hosting providers lack. they are highly recommended.

  19. Thanks for great Siteground review. SiteGround hosting is good and fast. They offers free domain name Free CDN. Also they are now offering free SSL with top notch support.

    What I liked most is their fast customer support!

    Overall – I’d recommend SiteGround!

  20. Im from Malaysia and faced bad experience with site-ground as well. They is plenty limited features which you wont know when purchase time. those who newbie in hosting, will trap on their web hosting plan. beware !. As Merv mention in comment, they will keep on asking upgrade whenever they you contact live support/post tickets.

    from Malaysia

  21. We take customer feedback seriously and we have reviewed your account. We see that you have only become our client about a month ago. We checked your account on our GrowBig Plan and we couldn’t find any issues you have reported via chat, phone or the Helpdesk system. No upgrades have been offered to you as a solution, as you have not submitted any requests for assistance to our customer care team. Please note that after we investigate an issue we always give you several alternatives as options for resolution and let you decide which one suits you best.
    Our system shows your site is running normally. We want to point out that our GrowBig plan has all the essential features from our entry plan like all SSD storage, free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt, free email etc, and on top of that allows hosting multiple domains, gives you priority technical support, caching tool for faster speed and more. Because it is a shared hosting plan, your account shares the resources of the same server with other users, and we have specified the allocated usage that the plan can accommodate. We are transparent about the resources available for each plan on our sales pages and our team is always available to help you determine what will be a suitable solution for your website needs.

  22. Seriously, someone recomending for a full year seems like someone working for siteground making this review very biased.

    My experience with SG has been anything short of pleasant. Their customer service sucks big time. I feel they are really not connected with their customers. They are really good at getting you hooked and then leave you plastered to the wall hanging on ur own.

    Bad email support – they don’t inform u about anything. Only frequent automated emails I got was that your website is clean. BFD!!

    From my experince, When a company tries to justify customer complaints as they have done in these reviews with their own reasons thats make them not help the customer but arrogant.

    That’s how I felt when I had to deal with customer service at SG. Would not recommend them to anyone as they lack in customer support, weak in their performance and are pricey. You won’t get full bang for your buck.

    • Hi Vish,
      We would like to point out that the review author has shared his experience as our client and he is not connected with our company in any way. What is more you will also notice that within the text there are banners and button promoting best hosting from another provider.
      We were sorry to hear that you have not been satisfied with our services. Unfortunately we are not able to your account, in order to review your requests for assistance that were not handled to your satisfaction. We will gladly check them and address your concerns if we have more details about your account. You can send more information to reviews at siteground dot com, and we’ll ensure it is forwarded to our Support team managers.

      Please note that we offer support 24/7 via phone, chat and tickets. For clients who prefer to send us an email we give that option as well and our customer care team addresses issues reported there. We send a lot of email notifications about the services you use with us related to your account activation, domain registration, security scanning in order to inform you about approaching deadlines or relevant recent activity that needs your attention. Our team is available to help with all hosting-related questions via the official support channels and you can talk to us directly 24/7.

  23. I am using Namecheap since 2 years and it’s good for a newborn website. Currently I have 3 websites which I want to host together in a good and reliable hosting. Which one should I choose?

  24. I personally like managed WordPress hosting for a WordPress blog. Currently, I’m using another shared hosting. But I think Siteground is the best for WordPress blog.
    However, thanks for this review.

  25. Few People have complained about Siteground support. But remember quality is better than support. You will get the worst support from Amazon server but they are best is quality.

  26. Good in depth article mate. Currently switching over to these guys and it’s good to get another person perspective / experience.


  27. One thing to flag: The service itself is fine, but their renewal process is incredibly shady. They auto-renew all services automatically at a price they set, and provide no option in their system to turn auto-renew off.

    The only way to avoid the charges to to manually contact customer support for every single service. On top of that, they refuse to refund charges that auto-renew (unless you escalate, in which case their tune changes).

    It’s essentially a scam to make extra money off people who aren’t paying attention when renewal comes up. This doesn’t reflect well at all on the underlying philosophy of the company — SiteGround clearly cares much more about a little extra revenue than about its customers.

  28. Hi Ayaz,

    We would like to add some clarifications on our auto-renewal process.

    Please note that our automatic renewal system exists in order to prevent downtime for the sites of our customers. For our clients’ convenience, the auto-renew option is enabled by default on their account.
    You can change this setting at any time via your client area billing section—> billing settings. Each service you have purchased with us is listed there and with a simple slide button, you can select to turn off the auto-renew. You can also request assistance about that from our team.
    We are sorry about the confusion on managing the auto-renewal option, which our chat operator did not address very well in your recent conversation on this topic.

    At the same time, we can see she has correctly pointed out in your session that we sent multiple notifications via email prior to charging you for the renewal. When there is no action on your part the system processes the payments automatically.
    The rates about each service and their renewal rates are clearly displayed in your client area and you can view them. In addition, when you get close to the expiration date of a service you are using upon logging into your client area we also alert you that you have services due for renewal, and we prompt you to take action about them. We are transparent about our prices, but in case you are not sure about the amount you need to pay you can always check with our team.

    Regarding auto-renew charges, we would like to clarify that as per our terms they are not eligible for a refund. Please note that upon sign up you have agreed with our terms and accepted them for using our services. We have made an exception in your case and refunded the services you wished to cancel in your client wallet.

    SiteGround Team

  29. Siteground has the absolute worst customer service. Rude technical support people and totally not helpful. I had a rep on the phone and she would not open a support ticket for me. Told me to go file a support ticket myself. My site has been hacked after I warned them that my site was under a brute force attack — and they did nothing. Then they made it so I can’t even access my account to clean the code. But they did try to sell me a package with one of their partner companies to clean the code.

    I will be moving my websites and I can’t warn anyone considering them as a host enough to BEWARE!

  30. Hi Christine,

    We were sorry to hear you are not satisfied with our services We checked on your case and we would like to add some clarifications.

    With regard to incidents of hacked websites – please note that our hosting service does not cover cleanup. As a web host we take care of the security on the server, we set up the firewall, security rules, create our custom patches for known application issues even before the actual application developers release their official patches, and much more. Still, a big part of the security of the website depends on the website owner – they have to make sure they use strong passwords, they keep their application and plugins up-to-date. Even when we do everything in our power to ensure security on server level for our clients’ accounts, a website can get infected for example due to a weak password – and this is not something that the web host can control. For this reason, when we detect malware activity on your account we place a limit and inform you about the incident with the goal to protect other users or websites you may have on the account. In your client area, we provide information about the infected files and options to remove them: on your own or by using a third-party service. Our system shows we have scanned your account and provided you with a list of the compromised files earlier this year. As we cannot remove the infected files, we have given you as an option to refer to a third party provider that has the expertise in this field.

    Regarding your point about our agent not assisting you with a ticket opening, there has been a misunderstanding in the way we communicated to you why your request for restoring the website from an older version was not a solution to the problem. As you have contacted us to check why we haven’t offered this option upon the initial case of detected malware activity, our operator on the phone has explained that we do not recommend this practice as a solution to a hacked site. When it is not clear how and when your site got infected, simply taking an older version of your website can still contain the compromised files, which will not solve the initial problem. The more effective solution in such cases is to clean up the problem files, and we have again referred you to the ticket where we had the scanned results for the website.
    Once you have cleaned your account you can request a new scan, and when we verify there is no more malware we put your website back online.
    We can see that yesterday you had a conversation with another representative who has granted access to your IP address so you can work on your website and remove the compromised files generating malware activity.

    • Thank you for your lengthy and somewhat condescending response. I never was able to access any of my sites and I found it easier to just move my websites to Inmotion.

      I am much happier with the customer service with my current hosting service.

  31. Good article! I see you recommend inmotion over siteground? Any specific reasons? I have a friend who has a dedicated with inmotion and is very happy, but curious your view points! Thanks!

  32. Hello dude,
    I already check many hosting (world class) and i think Siteground is the best shared hosting i’ve ever known. Btw, thanks for sharing dan that’s great review.

    I’ve question for you, and please answer it. Which one “Siteground and Inmotion” having best quality of hosting? It’s mean about server quality, features, and then support.

    Thank you. ^_^

  33. Dear Brother,
    You are my affiliate marketing guru. I have started affiliate marketing by seeing your video tutorial. So, whenever I find any article from you I try to read it. You are a pioneer in this industry in our country. So many blessings for you.

  34. Hello dear,

    I’ve tried a lot of hosting company in 5 years but I never get a satisfactory result from anyone. My site running not good.

    The Siteground company is only hosting company and this company features is good. Every time I had to use siteground’s support I was very well assisted. All of the representatives are kind and helpful.


  35. Hi Alamin,
    It is in reality thorough researched article about SiteGround. I later the fact that you were skillful to locate actual uptime and page load mature details.
    But I am always loved to use reputation and good customer support hosting company.
    Thank you for sharing.keep it up.

  36. Great hosting service! Customer support should always be this good! The tech support guru’s here have gone above and beyond for me many times. I don’t feel like I just have a host with SiteGround, I feel like I have a partner I can rely on.

  37. Such a pleasant post love to peruse your article and got so much data and it will exceptionally supportive for me and I trust heaps of individuals will get data. Continue sharing this kind of article, thanks for sharing!!!

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