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Let's face the brutal truth. Making money from a niche site isn't easy. It takes months or even years. I wasn't successful with my first attempt because I lacked a proper strategy and I lacked confidence.

Regardless, I kept trying and spent the last four years building a successful formula and developing my own Amazon niche site. I'm now offering a niche site building service for you following the same strategy!

Al-Amin Kabir

Al-Amin Kabir

Founder, Marketever

I'm a multi-award winning entrepreneur, blogger, affiliate marketer & speaker who can teach you how to build profitable niche sites.

Teespring called me a 'Marketing Mastermind', and Payoneer featured me as a 'Passive Income Guru.' My blog has been featured on FoxNews, Entrepreneur & many international media outlets.

I'm a full-time affiliate marketer myself, and am now also providing this exclusive niche site building service!

My Team & I Designed This Service For You, If...

  • You are new to internet marketing and making money in the online world, and want to start your journey
  • You know the details of niche site building but you are not confident enough to start your own
  • You are an online entrepreneur and want to diversify your online income stream
  • You are planning to build a website flipping business
  • You are an affiliate marketer with multiple portfolio sites, and are looking for a team of dependable and highly talented professionals to grow your business faster
  • You are an investor looking to establish a niche site investment company

Work With Confidence!

Profit From My Experience Building Niche Sites

Building niche sites and flipping them is my main business. I sell my successful niche site often, but my regular income comes from this Amazon affiliate program!

Amazon Affiliate Income

I know there’s at least one person who will say, "You got lucky in October!" So, here is the screenshot of the whole quarter.

This is my average affiliate income from Amazon, but not everything...


Screenshot of my recent Amazon niche site sell with FE International Inc!

Niche Site Selling By Al-Amin Kabir
Thomas Smale

“If you want to make money with a website, building it properly from the start is essential. Al-Amin is an Amazon Affiliate expert after recently selling one of his small websites through us for a mid-five figure sum. His new service allows you to replicate his success with a fantastic looking niche site that will make you money.”

Thomas Smale, FE International

I will build your site with the same exact strategy I use with my own sites!


Profitable Niche Selection

We will research & select a profitable niche based on your preference. Then, we will send you some niches so you can decide on what is right for you before we start working.

Complete  Keyword Research

We will research low competitive keywords in your niche to target. The keyword will be <30 KC metrics, making them easy to rank and we ensure the profitability the site.

Authority Looking Site Design

Poor site and content design can land you a manual penalty. We will design your site like an authority site with Thrive Themes and the Thrive Content Builder to avoid this issue.

Premium Logo & Graphics

We will make sure your site gets attention with a high-quality logo and premium graphics where they are needed. One of our greatest focuses is design.

High Quality Contents

All of our content is written by native English speakers and highly skilled writers. Every single piece of content is highly researched, beautifully formatted & designed.

Email Support

Our goal is to bring you the better ROI. You might need some support regarding your site after it’s delivered, & we are committed to provide 30 days support.

Bonus Includes...

6 Month Strategy Guide

We know how to grow a site, and we will share everything with you. You will get our 6-Month Strategy Guide for free.

Competitors' Link Reports

You need to know your competitors’ strengths to compete with them. We will send you all of your competitors’ link reports.

More Long Tail Keywords

You need to publish content on your site regularly. We will send more long tail keyword ideas to help you develop more contents.

Get A Ready Niche Site Today!

Keeping high quality in mind, I take only a limited number of clients per month. Order now to get your niche site created for you!

Josh Shogren

“Al-Amin is the go-to man when it comes to Amazon affiliate websites!

I was also lucky enough to be able to purchase one of his quality niche sites from him. All in all, you will be hard pressed to find another website of this caliber!”

Josh Shogren,
Ahmed Shifat

“I invested $750 in a niche site project with Al-Amin Kabir, and he built a site that’s making me 4 figure passive income per month. Best return I have ever received from any investment!”

Ahmed Shifat, BlackHatWorld Seller

Unlimited Revisions for 30 DAYS!

I always ensure high-quality research, design, content and website optimization. If you don’t like the way I do the work and want me to revise it, just place a revision request. I will redo what you need as instructed. I'm offering unlimited revisions for 30 days after delivery.


Get your niche site journey started

  • Niche Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Authority Looking Design
  • Premium Logo & Graphics
  • High Quality Content - 11,500 Words
  • Infographic, Research & Design
  • Thrive Lead & Mailchimp Integration
  • Lead Magnet Setup

$799 / Per Site


Start the site with more contents

  • Niche Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Authority Looking Design
  • Premium Logo & Graphics
  • High Quality Content - 22,000 Words
  • 1 Infographic Research, Plan & Design
  • Thrive Lead Integration with Mailchimp
  • Multiple Lead Magnet Setup

$999 / Per Site

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Buy A Done-For-You Amazon Niche Site!

Keeping high quality in mind, I take only a limited number of clients per month. Order now to get your niche site today!