How To Build a Private Blog Network? [InfoGraphic]

There is a new craze over SEO world, that’s private blog network (PBN). The big marketers are now using PBN to build authority (and authority drives money) and rank their niche sites quickly.

There are hundreds of marketers are building their own private blog network now, and you can also build a larger network for you.

Building a PBN is not that easy and you can’t make it happen overnight. There are several dozens of case studies where some top marketers show they are making thousands of dollars from it, but what they all are not mentioning, it can be very dangerous if you don’t follow the exact system to make your network safe avoiding footprints.

Lewis Ogden and Doug Cunnington published an infographic that shows how to build a private blog network of your own hiding the footprints.

I have embedded the infographic below.

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How To Get Unlimited High Quality Niche Specific Contents For Free?

If you are in the Internet marketing field and dealing with SEO, you know how important content is for the website itself and building backlinks. The content must need be unique, whether you publish it on your own blog, use to guest post, submit to article directories or publish it to web 2.0 sites.

Many of us hire writers or spend hours to write ourselves. But all that is about to change for you, I’m going to show how to get high-quality niche specific or relevant content without costing a penny!

10 Million New Domain Every Year, So Expires…

10 Million New domains are being registered every year, and a huge number of blogs are being created. Not all the blog owners are continuing them, so it gets expire after the registration period is over.

These websites are deleted from the Internet, and the contents in these websites are de-indexed from Search engines like Google.

Unlimited Free Contents

Steps To Find High-Quality Contents from Expired Blogs

One can easily search these deleted blogs to find the high-quality contents on their niche and use it to promote their own website; it is really easy and doable! Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps 1: The first thing you need to do is to find your niche to work on. Suppose you are working with an automobile website so that is your niche.

Steps 2: Find the expired domains you need to get the content for your niche. To do that, go to Godaddy Auctions [You can alternatively use]. Click “Advanced Search” tab. Type your keyword on “Keywords” option. Then click on Expired tab, and you will see a whole list of expired domains focused on “Automobile”. You will also notice that there is traffic estimation for the websites. Select the minimum range as 1 to find the quality blogs.

High Quality Niche Specific Contents For Free

Click on the image to see fill view!

Step 3 : Visit to It saves every website that has ever been created and indexed. Now, put your expired website address and click Browse History. The option will take you to a panel where you will see how many times the website was indexed and during what time range (in years).

Step 3 - Contents

Select a time where the cloud (which represents indexing frequency) is mostly condensed. By selecting a date in the timeline, you will actually be able to visit the website. Load the website into a different tab. Now open the pages full of contents one by one.

Step 4 Contents

A word of caution: There are blogs that you will notice, which weren’t indexed many times during their lifespan. Don’t use them as you will not find any high-quality content there.

Step 4 : The next thing to do is to check if the content was published elsewhere during its time and the fact that it is still indexed by Google or not. Copy the first few lines of the content you found and paste it within quotation marks (“”) in Google search panel. If the content was published somewhere, the link of the website will show up.

If the lines of the content you took shows up in Google, copy the whole content, go to Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker and paste the content. After entering the captcha, it will show you how much of the content is unique and how much is not.
If the whole content is not unique, it is of no value to you. If it shows the content is 100% unique, save it now!

You Can See Me Live Collecting Expired Contents Here [The Video is in Bangla (My language) Though]

Last Words…

The article will surely help you in finding the unique content you need for your brand or website’s promotions and earn you precious backlinks. If you want similar posts, keep yourself updated and visit my blog. You can post your questions regarding this topic in the comment section. I will be happy to answer.


How To Write Great Blog Comments For Traffic and SEO Ranking

Whenever you notice a great topic on a certain blog, you sure want to thank the person who wrote it because it proves useful to you. A little word of thanks takes the person to a new height of encouragement, and we can easily do that leaving comments on their blog. It is a great way of socializing and building up relationships. You never know when the person you thanked mails you in return and expresses his gratitude (and builds relationship in the long run).

get more blog comments

Did you know that Blog Commenting can also be used to generate quality traffic to your site? It can also help you building quality backlinks that Google cares and ranks your site? The answer is, yes!

Does Blog Commenting Work for Ranking?

Well, some people say that blog commenting doesn’t work anymore! Believe me, either they are lying, or they are saying it blindly without even trying. You can check this article to know more about the importance of Blog commenting to rank your site.

You can also check the top-ranked website for mid competitive keywords, analyze the backlink profile using OpenSiteExplorer or Ahrefs. I’m pretty sure you will see a lot of backlinks generated from blog comments. And these sites are in the top!

You Can Also Generate Huge Traffic!

Commenting on Blogs can also be a great source of traffic for your own blog. If you comment on a blog which is related to your own topic, there is a high chance that visitors will check out your blog as well besides reading the one you are commenting on.

Comment for Brand Building – Link Acquisition

Blog commentSometimes the comment you leave on an interesting blog might pique the interests of others. There are instances when a simple comment turns into a discussion topic for people (Check Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome and Spencer’s NichePursuits as an example!). It helps building your personal brand on the niche you are working as well as creates a long term link acquisition opportunity (Check out this guideline – how to use blog comments for guest posting)

Things to Keep in Mind For Great Blog Comment

We should take up blog commenting as a part of our regime to drive traffic and to improve our Search Engine Positions keeping these small milestones in mind. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind while doing blog comments for your own benefit.

Let us go over the do’s and the don’ts of blog commenting in the later section of the post.

Use your Real Identity and Name

There are some bloggers who don’t think too much about whether you are a real person or a brand trying to make its way through. But, using your real identity while appreciating others’ work or promoting your own brand or doing both at the same time is vital. You will be surprised to see how much people value a real person. Using a real identity can be the fact separating you from being a spammer and a respected member of the discussion group. Even if you are someone new to a particular place, people will trust and rely on you more if you use your real name and other credentials.

Using Your Keywords or any other term instead of your real name not only will ruin your reputation but also the efforts will be waste of time as webmasters generally reject such comments.

Learn About The Site You Are Commenting

Let me think that you are in a community where you have never been before. The experience is totally new for you, and you bump into a post that matches your interest in the website. What would you do? Would you leap into “Doing your Thing” and commenting straight away? That would not be the best course of action on this occasion. I advise you to read the previous posts made by the author in the same website. The more you read, the closer you get to the author’s psyche. You will understand the interests, the ways of thinking and the writing style of the author that will prompt you into commenting on his post in an impactful way.

Study the Comments that People Make

Well, this is another basic of a good blog commenter. An Expert Blog Commenter will read the popular posts of a blog with good comments. If you are new at a certain community, it is a must for you. By reading other people’s comments, you will get to know their tone, their interests and above all, how they present themselves in the community. You can just replica other people’s comment adding something unique and using your own tone!

Always Add Some Value

The topic you have selected to comment on is appealing, no doubt. You have knowledge on the field you are commenting on, great! You have read about the author and the topic, even better! It has been quite some time for you in this community, Perfect! However, there is still something you need to check. That is, “Has your point already been made?” It is no use bringing up the same issue that one has already brought up. So, pay close attention to that. The only way to know for sure if your point has already been made by someone is to go through all the comments beneath a certain blog post.

Lengthier than Tweet, Shorter than Blog

Generally, blog commenter fixes their own length of comments. But ideal length is between a long tweet (which is 140 characters) and a short blog post (generally 200 – 300 words). The length should be enough to make a substantial point about the post which improves its quality. You may express your own opinion and drop a reference link. If you feel the topic need further elaboration, you are welcome to write about it in your own blog. Who knows? The author of the blog you are commenting on might edit his post and include your bit of the information along with your blog as a reference link! At any case, refrain from simply dropping links randomly.

Avoid Generic Comments

Always Add Value to Blog Comments

Thinking of writing “Oh! What a great post this is and I am glad I found your post on the topic that I was looking for?” Drop the idea. Writing such a sentence would pose you as a spammer in the eyes of the community members. Even if you are not a spammer, you will be treated as one. It will do you a world of good if you can contribute to the post in an actual manner rather than posting some general messages like the one I’ve shown you.

Get Involved in Conversations

When participating in other people’s discussions through comments, nothing beats the strategy of being a good listener. Trust me when I say, “If you listen to people, they’ll listen to you.” Be interactive. Discuss the issue with others through comments. Take their points into consideration and make your Point Clear to them.

Avoid Excessive Links

If You Decide to Link Your Own Post Into the Comment, Make Sure you Do It only Once! You read it right. If you are commenting on an important issue, you can support your argument or point via reference links as I earlier mentioned. People go for one, two or even three links inside their comments. But it is best for them to have actually one link in the comment section. That link can be any website you are using as reference even your own.

Promote The Post You Commented On

This is another great strategy to get your comment noticed. You found a post interesting and commented on it. So why not promote the post publicly through your social media accounts? This way, more people will know about your post and the comment you made on it.

You can also tag the original blog authors on the social media post; you will surely get some natural link from the site next time!

Last Words…

It has been fun talking to you guys through the post. Feel free to include your suggestions, would love to discuss more about them.


How to Hire Freelance Content Writers for Niche Websites

How do you hire freelancer content writers for your niche website? This is one of the most asked questions to me. Because I do work with niche websites, and outsource the contents from freelance writers. I have used several content writer hiring platforms last couple of years. And this article is all about my experience and guideline for you to hire quality content writers for your upcoming project!

Identify the Sources

There are hundreds of websites out there filled with people who can write pieces as you would like them to. For starters, you may look into the platforms:

These few websites are places where you can find quality freelance content writers. Now there are thousands of them out there. You need to segregate the best from the rest.

Post the Requirements

Now the second thing you need to do is to post the requirement of your job. A nice little website description that you need the author for will work great guns. Describe the job very closely. Don’t leave any of the details out. It will be good for yourself to be specific about what you want. You don’t want a quality writer applying for the position and find information to be unorganized or inappropriate, do you? Be specific about what type of person you want for your job. If you want an author with experience, go ahead and mention it. Even if the requirements don’t match, you can always find a close enough person for the job and train him better.

Sample of Job Posting to Freelance Market Place:

Here is a sample job posting I published on oDesk a couple of days ago to hire a writer for one of my niche site projects.

How to Hire a Freelance Content Writer

You can get the job posting content here.

How Do you Find The Amazing Writer?

This is easy really. Well, if you follow the steps correctly. If you are particular with the choosing criteria of your candidate and want only the best for the job, you should hire the ones with the most experience. They are usually the best in their sectors and know what they are doing. However, to determine further, just follow the steps below.

Look for someone with experience: Experience beats all won’t you agree? Well, it is true. It does beat everything. You should go with the most experienced author out of several applicants for your niche website. There are others with little or no experience as well. I am not ruling them out. Frankly, they are good too. They might be new to the world of freelance writers or to the website you posted the job in. In that situation, check the resumes for the right candidate. Then you have the option for contacting them directly.

Checking out the Past Articles is a Great Idea: There are smart authors who’ll submit their resumes with samples (if they don’t ask for, I do it). You can select the ideal one who matches the most with your requirements and is familiar with your style of a website from them. Read one or two lines from their past work and you will know whom to choose.

The next thing is contacting the Author: Now when you have shortlisted your panel of authors to choose from, you will need to select the ideal one. The process is easy. You need to contact the authors one by one through any communication method you prefer. Then ask them few questions that you have selected. The question will help you in knowing them better. Start with greeting and experience related questions. Slowly move into the job-related ones. Be on your toes to judge whether they are fit enough for the job. Judge if they are responsive or not. If they are slow in getting your point, they are no good. An author, who responds late, is not good for your job either. Be warned, one who knocks you constantly, can be a red zone to move into as well.

Give the Selected Candidate Detailed Info: You need to be very specific from top to bottom in your selection process. That involves the aftermath of the selection as well. Give your selected man/men detailed instructions about how to go about in your niche website. Is it a product you want reviewed? Do you want them to focus on positive sides or do you want them to be “As it is” to their approach? Make sure you make the facts clear before you move on.

Decide how many Dollars to Pay

The next thing to decide is what to pay for your ideal person. Believe me, you will have to be on your guard as far as the payment method and amounts are concerned. The easiest way to go about things is to pay based on the length of the article that the person has written. If you want a 1000 word article and pay your man with a pen $5, it will honestly be a low price. On the other hand, $70 will be too much. I pay an average 4 to 9 dollar for a 500 to 700 word article.

By following these specified steps you will find outsourcing your content-related works easier. You will not need to go through all the hustle. Just hire the best person you see fit for your niche website. Select a few from the lot of applicants, shortlist them, ask them few follow-up questions, select your best man with all the qualities you desire, decide what to pay him, and you are good to go

Build a better relationship with the amazing authors

This is a must follow rules. Not all the freelance writers are great writers! Whenever you find a great writer to work for you, build a long-term relationship and try to hire the writer for your future projects as well. This well saves you hours of time just to let the writers know about your requirement, writing patter and things related to your project.

Further Resources:

  1. Cheap Article Writing That Doesn’t Suck – $2 Per Article Is Possible
  2. Hiring Virtual Assistants for Content Creation by Doug Cunnington
  3. Search Engine Land Guideline to Hiring Content Writer
  4. Quality Content For Niche Site That Don’t Cost Your Wallet by Raweewan M

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