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Al-Amin is an up-and-coming blogger in the niche site space and Marketever.com is an excellent resource for those looking to get started building quality, profitable niche sites. He's a hard worker and it shows in his in-depth posts on a variety of internet marketing and niche site topics.

Can't wait to help you with buying/selling sites soon!

Justing CookeEmpireFlippers.com
Thomas Smale FE International

Al-Amin is a true Amazon affiliate expert!

Marketever is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get into building authority websites and I regularly send it to friends and clients when asked for useful blogs to read.

It can be confusing and overwhelming when you're just getting started with niche sites. Al-Amin has done a great job breaking down all the complexities!

Marketever is one of the best places to learn, and your go to resource about Amazon Affiliate marketing!

Doug CunningtonNicheSiteProject.com
Stuart Walker NicheHacks.com

When it comes to Amazon affiliate marketing, especially if you're new to this, there's no one better than Al-Amin Kabir!

He provides newbie friendly advice for anyone looking to start as an Amazon affiliate and create niche sites. From how to get started to create content, drive traffic and make sales.It's all in Marketever.

Great resource!is a true Amazon affiliate expert!

Al-Amin Kabir is definitely in my list of top bloggers to watch in 2016. It's also great to see another fellow Asian is rocking on the blogging space too.

Marketever blog is full of actionable and detailed content about building profitable Amazon affiliate sites. I highly recommend to check out his stuff!

Tung Tran CloudLiving.com
Dave Schneider NinjaOutreach.com

I stumbled upon Al-Amin's website and was really taken away with his niche site case studies, especially the one in which he walks you through step by step the process of selling a site with FE International. You rarely see those types of case studies, because most bloggers are private about their successes, but Al-Amin is incredibly transparent.

I am looking forward to reading more from him in 2016!

Al-Amin is hard working, professional and really knows his stuff when it comes to Amazon affiliate marketing. His knowledge of niche websites is top notch and his articles are well worth a read.

I am really happy to have connected with Al-Amin - it's great to see you going from strength to strength my friend!

Carey Baird FreshStoreBuilder.com
Josh Shogren PassionIntoPaychecks

Al-Amin is the go to man when it comes to Amazon affiliate websites!

Marketever is full of in-depth and high quality articles that people of all experience levels can learn from. His level of detail and thoroughness is refreshing to see!

I was also lucky enough to be able to purchase one of his quality niche sites from him. All in all, you will be hard pressed to find another website of this caliber.

Al-Amin's site is one of the few that I recommend to people who are looking for resources on creating Amazon affiliate sites. His articles are always information-packed and easy to digest - I especially liked this article on selling a site with FE International and look forward to his niche site case study.

I also like that he's always available to help you out if you need it!

Shawna NewmanSkipBlast.com

There are a lot of ‘make money online’ blogs that are full of a lot of theory and aren’t based on genuine experience. This isn’t the case with Marketever.com!

Al-Amin Kabir uses his own experience to write some excellent content, and for anyone interested in Amazon sites, this is a great starting platform.

Al-Amin provides a lot of value in his very useful posts. These are the types of articles and resources that both people getting started and people who have been doing this for a long time would get value from.

I also really appreciate how transparent he is with his story both his successes and failures.

Dave Nicosia UltimateAzon.com

When I came across Al-Amin's blog one day, I instantly knew this guy was doing it right! His extensive knowledge of the Amazon Affiliate program impressed me right away, and his blog content is stellar.

As an Amazon affiliate myself, and the creator of the Ultimate Azon Theme, I can vouch for the quality of Al-Amin's blog.

If you're not reading it, you're missing out!

Do you REALLY want to succeed in Amazon affiliate marketing? Better check Marketever then!

Al-Amin's blog is your go-to resource for everything Amazon. Being an expert, Al-Amin has created thorough, comprehensive and high-quality step-by-step guides that will take you from whatever your level of expertise is to being a successful Amazon affiliate in the blink of an eye.

Best of all: you'll have the time of your life climbing the steep ladder to profitability while you're learning from Marketever!

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Servando Silva Stream SEO

If you're passionate about niche sites and Amazon as your main monetization method, Marketever is the site to visit.

Solid resources, guides and case studies to get started and scale your business in the long run!

One of the rising stars of the IM world, Al-Amin inspite of his fame, is a very approachable and helpful person. He is an international expert in  SEO, Affiliate Marketing and niche site business. If you want an Amazon niche site which will rank and make you money, getting one from Al-Amin is the safest bet!

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Rohit PalitTechTage.com

In this industry that's becoming sketchier by the day, Al-Amin is truly kind of a big deal without needing to proclaim about it. He's a true expert who knows his shit when it comes to not just Amazon, but various other affiliate strategies as well.

Al-Amin is one of the intellectual Amazon experts I am following him from long time & was super pumped to read amazing niche sites case studies on his blog Marketever. What a blog for niche case studies I started promoting his blog among my team and learn how to build Amazon sites. I recommended his website to newbies too, they were so glad to find amazing post on niche site case studies. Most of the affiliate marketers are very private and they don’t share anything but Al-Amin is exceptional he is sharing what he knows that is rare. Keep rocking & I am looking forward to work him in future!

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